A Letter to the 2009 Senior Class

Georgia's 2008 season didn't go the way anyone in Athens wanted it to – that goes without saying.

But the burden of the 2009 season will be on Georgia's senior class, none of whom have won an SEC Championship; none, in fact, who have played in an SEC Championship Game save those who were injured and return for a final redshirt season.

After all of the success of the Mark Richt Era, and there has been a lot, the pressure sure seems on. This may be the first class of the Richt Era, besides his first one, to leave Athens without a win the first week of December in the Georgia Dome. Meanwhile, Florida has won the national title two of the last three years; and Georgia Tech beat this program for the first time in ages. If the tide is not turned in the fall, this class will be the one that gets the most grief from it, and it will deserve it.

Sure, some redshirt seniors have SEC rings from their first year in Athens, but they did not play in that game (save stalwarts like Jeff Owens) – they don't get credit for that one because they were not on the field.

My point is this: 2009 seniors… this is your program. Coaches come and go; players come and go; but this is your time. You are the ones getting up at 5:00 AM. You are the ones sacrificing a normal existence. Summer? It is spent in Athens. You are the ones dealing with the pain (and the knuckleheads in the media). You are the ones who must be mentally tough. You must make the plays… not because no one else will, but because that's what you do. It is you who must check your teammate. You are the ones that must question yourselves. You must look in the mirror. You are the ones that have to restore Georgia to what it is.

Maybe it is a little annoying reading that from some guy who has never done it before – fine. That does not mean what I am saying is untrue. You control your own destiny. A Championship won't "just happen" you have to make it happen.

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