Is Wooten ready to be a Dawg?

When Rantavious Wooten committed to UGA in the fall, he immediately created excitement amongst the coaches and the fans. Wooten is an elusive playmaker and they now just need to hang on.

What Rantavious Wooten will take to the next level is excitement. He is elusive, he is shifty, he is quick, and he is a playmaker. No, he is not that 6-foot-4 Randy Moss type, but he is a 5-foot-10, 160 pound athlete that makes big plays.

"He caught 36 passes for about 980 yards and 15 touchdowns for us this year," said Glades Central Head Coach Jesse Hester. "He also returned three punts for touchdowns and they were from 60, 77, and 82 yards. He had another punt and one kick-off return called back too. Rantavious had a big a big year for us."

It was well before his senior year even begun that he started hearing from major schools out of BCS conferences on a regular basis. The ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big East, Pac Ten, and others were all represented on Wooten's offer list when all was said and done.

He decided that he wanted to make a decision the day of the Raiders first game on August 29. Wooten chose LSU on that day and surprised some with that choice. Many expected him to choose Georgia. The Dawgs did not get him that day, but they did after he visited Athens later in the fall.

Rumors still swirl about Wooten from time to time, but Coach Hester feels Wooten is done now.

"Schools still call and want to know if they can come visit him, but I just tell them they would be wasting their time. There is no question about it that Rantavious is going to Georgia. There I just no wiggle room for those other schools to get in there. He is very happy with Georgia and he is 100 percent committed to them."

With Wooten heading for Athens, the Dawg fans will get to see what it is like to have one of the cat quick south Florida athletes playing for them. With A.J. Green on the outside, Wooten will fit right in at receiver.

"With the game being played the way it is now, everyone wants to put the big guys on the outside and the small ones on the inside," said the former FSU receiver. "He is very quick and fits in perfectly in Georgia's system. He will bring a different element to their offense immediately and he can make plays on quick passes, reverses, down field passes, or on special teams. I have seen what Georgia likes to do on offense and I think Rantavious will give them some new options.

Options are what Wooten had when it came to recruiting. It appears he is happy to be a Georgia Bulldog and Coach Hester gave a lot of credit to the UGA coaches.

"They did an excellent job recruiting him and they still are. Georgia has been extremely high on him for a long time and I think they see a lot in him as a player. They have made him feel very comfortable and their coaching staff did a really good job with him. Rantavious really likes them a lot."

With the big numbers in 2008 and the natural ability Wooten has, he is a big time get for the Dawgs. But, even though he is highly thought of, he does have some things to work on before he becomes that big contributor inside Sanford Stadium.

"Every kid goes from being the star in high school to just another college player when they get to college," noted Hester. "Rantavious is going to have to work on the little things to get on the field at Georgia. He will have to be a good blocker, he will have to a be a decoy sometimes while others get the ball, and he will just have to play physical. He does not really have any weaknesses other than his size, but there is nothing he can do about that, so he will have to make up for it in other areas. He catches the ball well, he is good after the catch, and he runs well, so as long as he does the little things, he will do well at Georgia.

As of now, it is less than three weeks until National Signing Day (February 3) and then Wooten plans to be in Athens in early June. He is set to sign, set to be a Dawg, and set academically.

"He already has his test score, he is qualified, and I will be extremely shocked if he doesn't sign with Georgia," Coach Hester said in closing. "He is done and he has been done and I feel his decision is final."

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