Faloughi Pledges to Dawgs, Fabris

ATHENS – Walk-on players have a been a critical part of Georgia's football teams for years.

ReubenThat's why this weekend's pledge from Reuben Faloughi, who holds a 3.9 GPA from Evans High in Augusta. He spoke with Dawg Post about his commitment while on the way back to his home in suburban Augusta.

"I visited Georgia before unofficially, but I learned more about them during this visit. I love to see knew things and I loved everything I saw in Athens," he said of the visit. "I was looking at some other schools like Furman, but I feel I can get the best mix of athletics and academics at Georgia. I told the coaches that I will be there in June during the visit."

Faloughi was hosted on the trip to Athens by another Augusta native – Sanders Commings.

"The best part of the visit was hanging out with the team," he said. "My host was Sanders Commings, and he is from Augusta like me, so we were like brothers. I met some of the other guys and they were all warm and they welcomed me. They made me feel at home."

Jon Fabris, who deals as much with walkons as any other position coach at Georgia due to his duties on special teams, spend the most time with the Augusta native. Fabris usually also has recruiting responsibility for that area of the state. Those connections seemed to make Faloughi feel at home in Athens.

"I met most of the coaching staff too. I think that was great because they got to see my personality. I spent a lot of time with Coach Fabris and he is a great guy. He was with me about 85 percent of the visit. We talked about new techniques and what I could do in Athens. We didn't have to talk about academics because he knows I am good there," he said. "I have a 3.9 GPA and I scored a 1480 on the SAT. I am excited about competing against the best in the SEC and really testing myself at Georgia."

Meanwhile, Faloughi's college career is approaching swiftly. He said he's interested in getting better in order to compete at the next level.

"I am going to be working on getting stronger while closing out my senior year at Evans strong," he said. "I really want to close the gap between where I am now and where I need to be in college strength wise, so I will work hard on that until I get to Georgia."

Note: Furman called Faloughi on Monday and he turned their scholarship offer down to walk-on as a Bulldog. He said he will earn an offer at UGA and make plays for the Bulldogs.

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