Geathers Still a Mystery, but for How Long?

ATHENS – The mystery surrounding Kwame Geathers' recruiting will continue, but for how long?

"The visit went good and I think Kwame really zeroed in on things at Georgia this weekend," said Robert Geathers, Sr., Kwame's father. "He hung out with some offensive and defensive linemen, some coaches, and he got to see everything. I think he is excited about what he saw at Georgia this weekend. He took it all in."

There are a few matter still unresolves, however. Geathers could play a number of spots at Georgia in the trenches. That is an important matter for the Geathers family to clear up.

"Georgia asked him which position he would like to play and of course he told them defense, so I think they will give him a shot there," Geathers said. "I think they like him on both sides of the ball really, so we will see what happens if he goes to Georgia."

Geathers' brother Clifton currently plays defensive end at South Carolina.

"Georgia had not seen the tape from the Offense-Defense bowl, so I think after seeing that, they will like him a little more on defense," Geathers added.

While Georgia may be high on Geathers' list, he is not yet done with his recruiting visits, his father said.

"I think he may take a few more visits between now and the end of the month and by then he should know what he wants to do," the elder Geathers said. "I think if he could take a visit tomorrow and then one on Tuesday, then he would be ready to commit, but he doesn't want to make a quick decision after one visit."

Academic work in the form of the SAT still remains as do likely trips to Central Florida and Tennessee – South Carolina and Maryland also remain.

"He is taking the SAT next weekend and then we will likely visit UCF the following weekend (Jan. 30). Tennessee just came into the picture too, so we may go up there for a day for a tour and all that. I am not sure yet, but we are thinking about it. South Carolina and Maryland are other on we are looking at," Geathers said. "I would say that Georgia, UCF and now Tennessee are on him very hard. He had a good visit to Georgia and he is very comfortable with them. We have been around Georgia a lot, so he feels nice and normal down there."

"He is now just going to take another visit or two and make sure of things. Whoever gets him is getting a great a player - he is good now, but me and Jumpy Geathers haven't even started working with him yet. He is my last son and he is going to be a good one," Geathers added.

As it relates to academics, Kwame's father said qualifying should not be a problem.

"Kwame will qualify and not go the route that Clifton went (Hargrave). Georgia talked to him about academics this weekend, he is on the honor roll, and he is going to be fine."

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