Richt visits two future Dawgs

It was almost a year ago when Chris Burnette committed to the University of Georgia and Jordan Love chose the Dawgs later that summer. Both have been solid since day one and they met with Mark Richt one last time before making things official on signing day.

I caught up with both Love and Burnette to see how they felt about their visit, their love for UGA, and more.

Jordan Love: Glen Run, Va. – Defensive Back – 6-0/185/4.48

Decision: Love committed to Georgia over Penn State and Florida.

Love talks visit: "Coach [Tony] Ball and Coach [Mark] Richt came up on Sunday for the visit and it great. There was not much talk about football, but we just kind of hung out, watched the Eagles-Cardinals game, and ate dinner."

"Coach Ball joked around with me about him being the wide receivers coach now and how they are going out-work the defensive backs and stuff. We were kind of going back and forth about that a little and it was fun. We talked a little trash."

"Coach Richt talked about how he is excited about the recruiting class we have coming in and the players that we have returning next year. Other than that, he did not really talk much about football because he knows I am solid and we were just getting to know each other more."

"I can't wait for signing day and I am excited about it. I will be signing first thing that morning and then the school is having a little assembly for us, so that will be cool. Some TV stations will be there and it will be a pretty big deal, so I am looking forward to it."

"Florida is still calling, but I am solid with Georgia. I am very comfortable with them and they are kind of like second family now. I can just be myself around them and that is great."

Chris Burnette: Lagrange, Ga. – Offensive Guard – 6-3/285

Decision: Burnette committed to UGA over Oklahoma, Auburn, and Florida.

Burnette talks visit: "Coach [Rodney] Garner, Coach [Stacy] Searels, and Coach [Mark] Richt came down on Monday for the visit. They got to the school around 2pm and I got down to the field house around 3pm. We left there and we went to my house and they stayed until around 5:30pm."

"It was really a casual visit and not too much football was talked about. Coach Richt talked about some stories from when he was at FSU, he talked about my family, his family, and we just talked about different things. It was more like a fellowship than anything and we just got to know each other better."

"My mom cooked up a great meal too – it wasn't normal… We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, dessert, and all kind of stuff. It was great. She really does stuff like this when we have company and stuff and it was great. She really set it up good."

"I have a great comfort around the Georgia coaches and that is why committing to Georgia was one of the easiest decisions of my life. I know I can trust them, I know I can talk to them about anything, and I know that they will try to help me if I need it. It is like a father-son relationship with them for me."

"I am ready to make my commitment to Georgia official on signing day and I am excited about it. Even though it has been official in my mind for about a year, I get to sign the papers and get my mind set on Georgia in a couple of weeks."

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