Morant's special off the edge

One of the top defensive end prospects in the class of 2010 could be in the state of South Carolina. Four schools have already jumped on the junior and offered him a scholarship and many more are on the way. Get the story on this talented junior here.

"I have offers from South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Clemson right now," said Dexter Morant. "I get a lot of mail every day and a lot of schools are writing me, so I think more offers are coming."

"I think N.C. State is close to offering me and I think Alabama could offer me soon too. I hear from those two, Tennessee, Auburn, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and a lot of different schools."

It is early, but one school has jumped out in front.

"Georgia is number one as of right now and I really like them a lot. I have gotten a lot of mail from them, they have sent information about their program, their facilities, their academics, and I have been reading all of the information they send."

"I like everything that I have read and I have family and friends down in Georgia too. All of them like Georgia and I think if I went to Georgia, then I could get a lot of good exposure. They offered me early around the first of September, so I know they are really interested in me. I have not been there yet, but I want to visit them soon."

Like the 6-foot-6, 230 pound defensive end out of Manning (S.C.) said, he has not attended a game of visited the UGA campus yet, but he has watched them on T.V. many times.

"I just never had a good chance to go down to Georgia, but I always wanted to. I will visit there next year though for sure. I watched almost every one of their games on T.V., so I know some things about their team. I kept up with them a lot this year."

Being from South Carolina, you can never count the home state schools out and both the Tigers and the Gamecocks have made Morant a target in 2010 as well. He is getting a lot of attention from schools across the country as well, so why does the rush end feel he is a top prospect?

"My size helps me out a lot and I think schools like that I can play the run and the pass well," he explained. "I think I play both pretty well, I can run pretty good, and I know I can get a lot bigger. Some people tell me I should play in college at like 260 pounds, so I am just trying to get bigger and stronger before my senior year."

In 2007, the star out of Manning had a very strong campaign. He gave it his all and he tallied impressive numbers during his junior season.

"I had around 100 total tackles, I had over 20 tackles for loss, and I had around 10 sacks. I think I had a very good year and now I just want to get better."

By the time Morant is a senior he could be one of the most highly recruited defensive ends in the south. He already has four schools to choose from and he will have many more by the time signing day 2010 rolls around. Morant has an idea of what he is looking for in his future home.

"I want to have a chance to play in the NFL, so I will look at schools that put a lot of guys in the NFL and I would like to stay pretty close to home. I don't want to be too close, but not too far either. I would also like a chance to play early, so those are things I am looking for."

"I see a lot of those things in Georgia too. I know they put guys in the NFL and I like what I know about them too. I was surprised by their offer, but they are my number one."

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