Gilliard to accompany Reid to UGA

Both Michael Gilliard and Greg Reid visited with UGA coaches Thursday and now Gilliard is doing all he can to get Reid to be a Bulldog. He'll be with Reid in Athens this weekend hoping to help UGA seal the deal.

"Coach Richt, Coach Bobo, and Coach Martinez came to my school around 1pm and they talked to my coaches and my teachers for a while, and then I sat down and talked with Coach Richt for about 20 minutes," said Michael Gilliard.

After hanging around Valdosta for a while, the UGA trio headed down to street to the rival school. That school has one of Georgia's top remaining targets.

"They stayed at my school for about an hours and then they went over to Lowndes to see Greg Reid. After they visited with Greg at school and then his house, they came over to my house around 8pm."

"We hung out, we ate something, and we just talked about a lot of different things. They told me no matter what Greg does, they are happy that I am a Bulldog. They talked to me about learning about all three linebacker positions at Georgia and they asked what number I would like to wear."

"I wear number 6 now, but I am thinking about getting number 10 at Georgia since Donavan Baldwin is gone. We just had a good conversation and things went nice while they were here."

Now, Gilliard is set to accompany Reid to Athens before signing his letter of intent with the Dawgs next Wednesday. He and a current Bulldog are already plotting a plan to get Reid to Athens.

"Yeah, I am going up to Georgia with him and I just want to show him that Georgia is the place he needs to be. Vance Cuff is his host, so I have been talking to Vance about how we can get Greg to be a Bulldog. I know Greg will love it up there and I am just glad Georgia is his last visit."

Could that last visit be the key?

"I told Coach Richt last night that Georgia having the last visit is big. I know Greg had a good time at Alabama and it seems like he is high on schools after he visits them, so I like that he is visiting Georgia just a few days before signing day. Greg will love Georgia, so I just hope we get him. I am going to do everything I can."

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