2010 Target Loved Georgia

This talented junior has hit the scene big time and after picking up a Georgia offer earlier in the week, he visited and loved it.

When asked how the visit went, Garrison Smith was almost at a loss for words. He said, "awe man… the visit was good and I just love that school."

He started laughing and then continued on about the visit to the University of Georgia.

"I got a lot of love from the whole Georgia staff. Coach [John] Jancek was the first one to come up an introduce himself when he saw who I was, then Coach [Rodney] Garner came over and talked to me. Coach [Willie] Martinez, Coach [Stacy] Searels, Coach [Jon] Fabris, and all of them talked to me and showed me attention. It was great."

The Dawgs offered this past Monday and the new Bulldog target liked everything he saw during his visit.

"Everything I saw was great. I had been to Georgia for a camp as a freshman and I had been there for a game too, but this was my first time taking the tour and seeing everything. They have great facilities, great coaches, a great stadium, great academics, and just great people involved with the program. I liked it all."

Smith complimented many things he saw in Athens, but one thing really caught his attention. He expected UGA to have good facilities and he knew about them as a footbal team, but he said the academics at UGA really surprised him.

"The stereotype about SEC schools is that they are powerhouse football teams and that is it, but that isn't true at Georgia. Georgia amazed me with their academics today. It is not just about football there and they really push academics on their players. They want them to do well and they help them in a lot of ways. I really liked that."

Another part of the visit that he liked was when he stepped onto the playing field inside Sanford Stadium.

"Man, when they played that highlight film in the stadium, I was ready to get out there and play," he said with excitement. "It was a good feeling out there watching those video clips. I really liked that part a lot too."

Between all the attention, touring the campus, and being amazed by the academics, the 6-foot-3, 259 pound Atlanta native spent some time with Mark Richt.

"It was my first time really talking to Coach Richt on a personal level and he is real down to earth. He is not some super-human or anything and he is easy to talk to. He is just an average guy and he was great. He told me that he would love for me to come be a part of Georgia and he would love for me to part of the tradition there. We had a cool talk."

Smith closed out an outstanding week with a visit to Georgia. After picking up offers from Georgia, UAB, Florida, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi State in a span of three days, he capped things off with a visit to Athens. Even though he remains open to everyone at this time, he admits that word rcruitniks love to hear about did creep into his mind.

"Commitment did come to mind while I was at Georgia," he said in closing.

The Douglass Astro has no idea when he will be ready to make a decision. When asked that in the past, he says it could happen any time. Stay tuned to Scout.com for the latest on this emerging star.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Analyst for the South Region and he can be reached at ChadSimmons@Scout.com.

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