Dawgs Give Surprise Offer

ATHENS – Georgia doesn't normally just throw out offers this early in the game.

So when Manning's (SC) Johnavon Fulton got an offer today he was taken a back a little.

"Coach Richt told me about it," Fulton said. "He is a really nice guy. He said that the process is different. For them when they offer guys. They don't take the offer back. They said they had seen the film of me and that they really liked the film."

Georgia does not make a habit of offering players this early unless they are super talented. Still, Fulton said he was excited about the trip even before he knew that he was going to get such big news out of it.

"I really couldn't wait to get there. I couldn't sleep well. I was trying to get down there because it is my first real big deal visit," he said. "I was really comfortable. It really felt like I hadn't left Manning. It felt like a place where everyone knows everyone and that's the kid of vibe I want to be in."

Still, several other schools, including many of Georgia's top rivals have already taken an interested in Fulton – South Carolina, NC State, Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Maryland and Tennessee have all offered the Palmetto State native. He said he's only visited Georgia and South Carolina of that bunch so far.

"I really was surprised because I didn't expect it until later on down the road," Fulton said of Georgia's decision. "They really didn't pressure me into committing or anything like that."

Instead of doing that the Dawgs showed Fulton around Georgia. The dorm rooms, specifically, floored Fulton.

"The rooms were the biggest rooms I have seen in my life," he said with a giggle. "I was expecting two beds and that was it. It was much nicer than that – with a kitchen and everything."

With recruiting only just starting for the 2010 class, Fulton said he will take a look around in the near future, but he's not sure quite where yet. He does know one probable destination in the future.

"I am going to a few more junior days, but I am not sure where yet," he said. "I plan on probably getting back down to Georgia in the summer for the camp."

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