The Drama Builds for Reid

What did Greg Reid think of UGA and is he ready to pull the trigger? Find out here.

"The visit to Georgia was straight," said a sleepy Greg Reid from the road. "It was my first visit to Georgia really, so I didn't really know what to expect, so I can say the whole visit was impressive."

"I saw everything, I met a lot of the players, I spent time with Coach [Mike] Bobo, Coach [Willie] Martinez, and Coach [Mark] Richt, so I got a good feel for things there. It was my last visit and I had a lot of fun."

The coaches went to work on Reid as soon as he arrived in Athens Friday. Coach Bobo recruits South Georgia for UGA and Coach Martinez coaches defensive backs, so those two really spent a lot of time with the 5-foot-8, 170 pound corner.

"I really did get a lot of attention from those two coaches and I think they both want me, but there was not many recruits there either, so they could just focus on me. I talked to them a lot and they are cool. They had some nice things to say."

Reid sat down with Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez for some one on one time with him. They went over a lot and Reid took it all in.

"Coach Martinez really broke everything down for me. He showed me how he wanted to use me, he showed me the depth chart, and he talked to me about what I could do at Georgia. He said I would have a chance to play early and I have no reason not to trust in him. He hasn't lied to me yet, so I believe everything he told me. I think I would have a good chance to get playing time for him if I go to Georgia."

Like all other top recruits, the Lowndes star got to meet with UGA Head Coach Mark Richt before he departed. Reid says Richt echoed a lot of what other coaches have told him.

"Coach Richt is a good man and he said a lot of the same things other head coaches have told me on other visits. They all just tell me what I want to hear, so I just have to figure out who I trust the most. I like Coach Richt a lot though and I feel comfortable around him. I know he really wants me at Georgia, so I am going to think about things."

Think about things he is. Reid is set to announce his decision on Tuesday around 7pm at Austin's Steakhouse in Valdosta, so he has just a couple of days to get his mind ready. When asked about this visit and if it helped the Dawgs, Reid declined to answer because he didn't want to give any hints.

"I really don't want to answer that," he said when asked to rate his visit to Georgia. "I am not going to say that and I am not going to say if this visit helped or hurt Georgia because I don't want anyone to know anything yet. They will all find out this week."

Reid went on to say that he plans to sit down with his mother Sunday evening to talk about what school is best for him. He said he is down to Alabama, Florida State, and Georgia.

Even though he chose not to go on record about his feeling for UGA after the visit, he did admit to feeling the love around Athens while he was there.

"The fans were great when I was in downtown Athens. A lot of them knew me and I felt a lot of love from them."

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