Georgia for Brown.

Dawg Post will provide unprecedented Signing Day coverage starting Tuesday.

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Dawg Post will have contributors in Memphis, Valdosta, Tallahassee and, or course, Athens to cover all angles of the most exciting Signing Day of the Mark Richt Era.

Athens – Dean Legge, Parker Morgan, Rusty Mansell
Memphis – Wes Muilenburg
Valdosta/Tallahassee – Chad Simmons

Greg Reid – Starts at 6 PM EST on The Porch
Jawanza Starling – Starts at 11 AM EST on The Porch
Marlon Brown – Starts 2:45 PM EST on The Porch South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons will be key in the coverage. He will cover three press conferences over the 24-hour period, including two very big ones.

"I will be heading out early Tuesday morning heading south," Simmons said. "I will make stops at a couple of high schools to see underclassmen on the way to Valdosta to cover Greg Reid's announcement. I will also stop in at Lowndes when I get into town around 3pm to visit with their underclassmen. I will likely touch base with Greg too around that time to see how he is feeling just hours before his announcement."

Simmons added that he will be on hand early for Greg Reid's announcement – providing coverage well before Reid makes his decision.

"I plan to be at Austin's Steakhouse a little before 6 PM to see how things are set up and to just get a feel for the atmosphere there as one of their own gets ready to make one of the biggest decisions of his life," the analyst said. " I will start relaying information back to Dean around 6 PM if not before."

Legge will provide Dawg Post members with Dawg Post Play-by-Play of Reid's event starting at 6 PM on The Porch.

Legge will be at the controls in Athens providing members with Signing Day coverage they have been used to over the last eight years. That will include updates Tuesday night as well as all-day coverage from Athens. Legge will provide video interviews with all of Georgia's coaches involved in the recruiting press conference that day as well as video footage from Mark Richt's comments to fans gathered at the Butts-Mehre Building.

Meanwhile Simmons and Dawg Post contributor Wes Muilenburg will be on their way to morning press conferences – spotlighting on commitments Mike Gilliard (Simmons at Valdosta High) and Austin Long (Muilenburg at Briarcrest high in Memphis).

"I will hang around Valdosta a little longer too see Antonio Foster sign with Georgia Tech and Mike Gilliard sign with Georgia. From there I will leave the Peach State and head south to the Sunshine State," said Simmons.

Muilenburg will stay in Memphis, but will head over to the Harding Academy to cover wide receiver Marlon Brown's decision. Coverage of Brown's big day will start at 2:45 PM EST (an hour before the announcement) with live updates from before the press conference send to Legge for Dawg Post Play-by-Play of the event. Muilenburg will provide video of the announcement and an exclusive video interview following the announcement.

"I will be at Lincoln High School to see live what school Jawanza Starling signs with around noon," Simmons said. "This one will be fun because nobody knows what he is going to do or who he may be leaning to entering signing day."

Simmons' coverage of the Starling press conference will start at 11:00 AM EST with Dawg Post Play-by-Play on The Porch.

Still, even after Starling's decision is made Simmons will make his way north into Georgia to see even more recruits – with focus on the 2010 class.

"After he signs, I will be heading back North towards Atlanta and I will again be stopping by schools to see top underclassmen. Recruiting is now a year long event and schools are offering prospects earlier, prospects are making earlier decisions, and once signing day is gone, the 2010 class will roll right in without missing a beat," said the analyst.

On Thursday Dawg Post will continue recruiting coverage of two players still on Georgia's radar – Kwame Geathers and Orson Charles. Neither is expected to sign on Signing Day, but both could end up with the Bulldogs.

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