Waiting on the Duo

ATHENS – Nearly two weeks after Signing Day Georgia's recruiting has not yet ended for the Class of 2009.

Odd indeed for the Mark Richt Era at Georgia, the Bulldogs are best known for wrapping up their recruiting classes well before January – now they are waiting for two high-valued recruits to decided if Georgia is the place for them.

"Getting either one of these two would only help Georgia's class," said Scout.com South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons of Kwame Geathers and Orson Charles. "Charles is a five-star tight end who could help Georgia immediately. Geathers is a versatile lineman that will likely get a shot on the defensive side of the ball first, but could also be a strong offensive lineman if that doesn't work out."

The Dawgs are waiting on both because there is a need to be filled on campus. Signing Charles would bring another Florida-style prospect into the mix. The Bulldogs are going to have to top the Gator, Seminoles and others two get him, however.

"They do not have a player like him at his size on campus right now. He is a tight end that can play all three downs and create mismatches lining up outside the tackle or flexed out off the line," Simmons said of Charles. "The versatility of Charles makes him special. He has great hands, he has great speed for a guy his size, and he is someone that is going to be tough to defense on the next level."

The Tampa tight end was teammates with current Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. The two have a strong relationship, but it is unknown if their old days together in the Sunshine State will have any impact in sending Charles north to Georgia when he signs.

Certainly one of the top one-two punches in Florida high school football, Charles and Murray lead Plant to a state championship in 2008.

Geathers, on the other hand, does not have a former teammate at Georgia now. He does, however, have a legacy to follow there if he decides to pick the Dawgs. His brother Robert Geathers played for Richt in his first few seasons at Georgia. He is now a successful NFL player.

"Geathers is big, explosive and athletic," Simmons said. "He is a guy that has a lot of potential. He is still raw when it comes to technique, but he has the tools to be a very good lineman in college."

Those around the Geathers, a family notoriously different in the recruiting world, say Kwame has been a fan of the Dawgs for years. That may or may not have a factor in his decision.

So what is taking both these players so long to decide? Why wait?

"For Charles, it was a combination of a couple of things," Simmons explained. "A prospect cannot take an official visit until he takes either the ACT or SAT, and Charles did not take that for the first time until December 12. That combined with him playing football for his high school team until right before Christmas meant he only had the weekends in January to take visits if he was going to sign on Signing Day. He took four visits in January and decided he needed that fifth to make his decision. Southern Cal gets the last visit next weekend. That is when we will know what Charles wants to do.

"Waiting is not a surprise with Geathers," Simmons continued. "Both Robert and Clifton signed after Signing Day as well, so I think this was expected. They wanted to look at all the options, so they did not rush anything and it is a good thing because Georgia just offered him last week. That was an offer he was looking for and he got it, so having that option now shows that him not signing earlier paid off for him because he has one more option."

The Dawgs have known about Geathers and Charles for years, but will have to fight off other programs for their signature. Still, landing both Geathers and Charles, which is certainly possible, would push the Dawgs even higher in national rakings, Simmons said.

"Georgia is already in the top ten at number seven, but getting these two would likely push them into the top five," he said.

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