Curran Bringing It Again

Curran was already a weight-room legend among his teammates, but before the 2009 season kicks off, he's looking to add even more to his credentials.


When cornerback Asher Allen decided to leave school early to enter the NFL draft last month, his first recommendation for a replacement was freshman Sanders Commings.

That isn't entirely surprising to Commings, who was one of Allen's protégés last season, but he said he's still going to have to work for the job, no matter whose endorsement he has.

"This spring is very crucial," Commings said. "I need to go out and have a great spring to show Coach (Willie) Martinez what I can do so I can step in. Coach Martinez said the best man is going to get it, so it's pretty open."

Commings added about 10 pounds to his frame – he now weighs in around 215 – last season and he said he's in good shape to fill the role of physical corner that Allen mastered for two seasons as a starter. While Commings doesn't have a ton of learning experience under his belt at this point after redshirting in 2008, he said he has learned enough to feel comfortable competing for a starting job.

"I've definitely learned a lot more since I got here," Commings said. "My backpedal was rusty coming out of high school, but overall I've just gotten a lot better."


Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran was already a weight-room legend among his teammates, but before the 2009 season kicks off, he's looking to add even more to his credentials.

"Working even harder in the weight room – putting more weight on that I should and just doing more reps – anything it'll take to be the best," Curran said.

At 5-foot-9, 225 pounds, Curran sets the Georgia standard for pound-for-pound strength, but his quest to break the team's bench-press record was cut just short a year when he wrestled with some nagging injuries during the offseason. This year, he's feeling good, and he's betting record will fall by the time the players begin maxing out in the weight room later this year.

"I've been putting more weight on, doing extra reps for the guys, and I'll evaluate at the end of the offseason, but it's going really good right now," Curran said. "My groin doesn't hurt like it did last season, I'm feeling healthier than I was coming off last season, so hopefully I'll be able to do great things in the weight room and on the field, too."


Quarterback Logan Gray knows his spot on the depth chart is far from etched in stone, but for the time being, he's pretty happy where he is.

Currently Georgia's second-string quarterback behind Joe Cox, Gray will face a challenge from highly recruited freshmen Zach Mettenberger and Aaron Murray for playing time this year and beyond. His goal is to land the starting gig after Cox graduates following the 2009 season, but if that isn't in the cards, the athletic Gray said a change in position isn't out of the question.

"No matter what I want to play, I just want to get on the field and contribute," Gray said. "I want to be the best quarterback I can be, but if for some reason it doesn't work out down the road, if it's not in the cards, I might look at playing another position, but I haven't really thought about it much right now."

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