Kwame Tipped His Hand

Kwame Geathers stayed quiet about his decision and did a good job of not tipping his hand, but his father said he knew on Thursday what his sone was going to do.

"I think his mother was a little surprised today when he picked Georgia, but I wasn't," said Mr. Geathers.

"Kwame asked me yesterday to get him a UCF hat, a Georgia hat, and a Tennessee hat, but then he asked me to get him a new Georgia shirt too, so he told me right then without telling me that he was going to Georgia."

According to Mr. Geathers, nobody else knew going into today what Kwame was going to do.

"He did not tell anybody who he was going to sign with. I think some thought UCF, some thought Tennessee, and some thought Georgia. He did not tell me, but I knew about the shirt, so I had an idea."

At the end of the day, all are pleased with the decision Kwame Geathers made.

"We have Georgia stuff all over the house, we have loved Georgia for a while, and I know Kwame has loved Georgia for a long time, so we are happy about his decision.

Now that his last son has signed the papers, Mr. Geathers says it is time to get to work.

"Recruiting is overwith and now we have to train for Georgia," he said. "We are done with high school football and now we have to get in shape to play college football. We are going to train Kwame and he will be ready for Georgia."

Mr. Geathers is now back to his office working and he knows his son is officially a Bulldog.

"Oh yeah, Kwame signed the papers and he is done. He is going to Georgia."

Geathers signee no. 19 for UGA and they are still waiting for Orson Charles to make his decision.

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