Q&A with Logan Gray

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with rising sophomore quarterback Logan Gray.

Parker Morgan: How are these workouts going for y'all so far?

Logan Gray: I think it's going good. I think people are excited and people are working hard. That's what you want in the winter and the offseason. People are out there fighting, mat drills aren't always the funnest thing, but we've just got to get better and come together as a team.

PM: Would you say the depth chart is solid right now at QB – similar to last year with Matthew no. 1 and Joe no.2 – or is it a more open competition?

LG: I'd say it's pretty solid right now. Hopefully in the spring when we start playing some football maybe things might get mixed up a little bit. I don't see any changes coming out of spring, Joe's kind of the leader of our team. I'm just looking to prove myself. I can't really control what Joe does. I imagine Joe's going to be consistent like he has been his whole career. I've just got to worry about myself. I can't really get too involved in thinking about the whole situation – who's no. 1, who's no. 2 – stuff like that.

PM: Is there any thought of having special packages for you to come in as a change of pace type of quarterback?

LG: People always want to talk about that and ask me about it. Obviously if I can work and get to that, I'd love that. I would love to do it. If the coaches did set something up like that, I'd be thrilled about it. But for now that's a long ways away, for the season. I'm just trying to focus on the spring and playing our offense this spring, doing what we do right now.

PM: Are you still going to be working at punt return?

LG: I really don't know what's going to happen this season. I just know that this spring I don't think I'm going to do any special teams. I'm just going to try to focus on quarterback. We'll see what happens down the road, if they'll need me or whatever the case might be.

PM: What can you use this time of the year before to improve your game?

LG: I just want to make sure that I'm completely comfortable with the offense, have it down pat. I think, even this winter, I've been trying to get my playbook and just make sure I'm smooth and quick with everything. Also keep working in the weight room, getting stronger, getting bigger. I have done that, which is good. I think everybody can always find stuff, even Joe who's been here, it feels like forever, everybody can improve.

PM: How can you help these freshmen quarterbacks get acclimated on campus?

LG: Just trying to help guide them. It can be easy, I know, getting lost as a freshman. You feel like you've got long days, so much stuff going on, with class, workouts, this and that, all of a sudden you feel like you might be getting behind in stuff. I try to help them with anything I'm doing in the weight room or if they've got a question about a play or when we're having a meeting or anything. I think Joe's obviously done a great job of that too. Just keeping the freshmen on track is probably the biggest thing.

PM: Does it get old having people ask you about the "dual-threat" aspect of your game?

LG: I feel like I'm here as a quarterback. Even though I may be a different style quarterback than Joe, I'm still going to try to be the best I can at our offensive stuff that we do. Instead of just, it's always going to be like we need to put in a different play for Logan or something like that. I feel like I need to work hard at what we do and not worry about all this other stuff and maybe down the road that will come up.

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