Ask the Expert: March 5, 2009

Dawg Post's Dean Legge asks South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons about Georgia's recruiting.

We are getting into the 2010 season pretty good now. Tennessee is ripping shirts off to impress recruits. There is little question that you have to think of new things in recruiting, but do these sorts of things help or hurt?

- I think they may help at the moment, but not too much in the end. It definitely grabs the recruits attention and it gets UT in the news, but I do not think it will be a big factor when these kids make their decisions. It creates a buzz throughout the recruiting world and it is something new, but it is hard for me to think it is going to be a big help when they try to land top recruits.

It seems that running back is going to be a big spot for the Dawgs in 2010 - can you talk for a little bit about the top two guys and others on Georgia's list. can Georgia sign two top-level backs this year?

- The first guy I will start with is the top back in GA - Mack Brown out of M.L.K. can do it all. He is becoming a national recruit with offers in from the likes of Florida, Oklahoma, and most of the ACC and SEC powers. He is a back that can run inside or outside, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, and he is very explosive. I feel he is very high on Georgia's list and they just brought him in last week for an unofficial visit, so he knows he is wanted in Athens.

Marcus Lattimore is another back high on UGA's list and he received an offer from UGA as a sophomore. He visited Athens about this time last year and the Bulldogs offered him then. He is on everyones list and he is one of the premier players in the country. Lattimore is like an old-school back to me - he is powerful, he runs through defenders, he gets better as the game goes on, and he is a guy that can carry a team to victory. Over 20 schools have offered him like they have Brown and I feel UGA's top two choices at this time would be these two.

Florida and Georgia are in the lead for Brown and Lattimore is pretty open right now, but I think UNC, South Carolina, FSU, Clemson, and Georgia are five high on his list.

Not far behind would be Eduardo Clements. He was recently offered by Georgia and Corey Brown has a verbal offer from Georgia as well.

Bryan McClendon has already gotten out on the recruiting trail pretty good it seems. What are you hearing about him on the trail so far this season.

- He only got on the road a handful of times late in January, but I have heard good things about him. I have talked to coaches at a number of high schools that he either made stops at in January or he has called since and reports are positive. I think McClendon is a very good hire for Georgia and he will be an excellent recruiter. He is young, he played at Georgia, he learned from some good ones at a G.A. in Athens, and he is really going to relate well to the kids of today. That is a key and I feel McClendon is going to be very successful on the recruiting trail for UGA. I have talked to prospects, parents, and coaches, and they all praise him so far.

Spring practice starts in a couple of Wednesdays - what are rercuits looking at when they visit for a practice?

- Recruits look for different things when they attend practices at schools that they are interested in... All want to get a vibe for the coaching staff to see what kind of interest that school has in them. They want to see if the interest in genuine or if they are just doing it because they feel they have to. Another thing they watch closely is their position coach. They want to get a feel for what it would be like if they were playing for that guy and if he coached the way they like to be coached. A big thing these guys see when on campus is just how comfortable they are around the people, players, and coaches at the University. Comfort is such a key now for these recruits and they get an idea when visiting these practices because coaches are out there doing a job then and not just wining and dining the recruits. Attending a practice is a big thing for recruits of today because it shows them a lot about the staff recruiting them, so they get a lot out of these type of visits.

Do you think it is likely that the Bulldogs will have a commitment before G-Day?

- That is hard to predict, but looking back to previous years, I would have to say yes. I don't see anyone at this moment close to pulling the trigger, but we know things change quickly in recruiting. Georgia has laid some offers out there and more will go out between now and April 11, so if I had to predict, I would say yes just because of the early success Georgia has had in the past. If they don't have one by then, it is not a bad thing because UGA is involved with many high profile recruits that are taking their time with the process.

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