2009 Spring Preview: Offensive Tackles

ATHENS - Dean Legge breaks down offensive tackles at Georgia this spring.

Offensive Tackle:

2008 Starters: Clint Boling (23 career starts, 2008 All-SEC) and Josh Davis (3 career starts)

Not having Trinton Sturdivant really hurt Georgia last season. His ACL injury at the start of fall camp was a sign of things to come for the Dawgs – injuries all around. Still, one could make the case that Sturdivant's injury was the most significant of any player on the team. He will return to the team, but not in time to take part in spring ball (that will be a theme in this series of previews; players out of the spring, but returning for the fall).

It looks like Clint Boling will slide back to the middle of the offensive line, which shows just how versatile he is, but he may get some looks at tackle this spring due to injuries. That means Josh Davis (hurt - and possibly out through the summer), Vince Vance (hurt), and some others will get their crack at tackle this fall. A.J. Harmon, who has slimmed some since getting on campus, will have to line up somewhere, too, and tackle could be that spot. Justin Anderson also had some starts in 2008 before getting hurt.

The offensive line is going to be a beat up place this spring. It is not that Georgia doesn't have the bodies – they do. It is not that Georgia doesn't have the talent at offensive tackle – they have that as well. It is that most of the bodies, and the talent will be on the sideline this spring.

In the fall, I expect Justin Anderson and Sturdivant to start, but Vance could give Anderson a run for his money. Cordy Glenn, who will likely play guard this fall, could get some work at tackle, too.

Out for Spring (3) – Josh Davis, Trinton Sturdivant and Vince Vance

Class of 2009 (1 Signed)Austin Long certainly seems like a clear-cut tackle all of the way. The Dawgs also signed Chris Burnette, who played tackle in high school. He could get a look there, too, but he seems more like a guard. We will know more about Burnette when he arrives in Athens this fall.

Keep and eye on for 2010Robert Crisp is getting most of the national attention at tackle, but for a Georgia fan I would make sure to keep up with Brent Benedict's recruitment. Word is the Dawgs like him… a lot.

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