'Boys talk with underrated QB

Every year it seems the Dallas Cowboys take a chance on a late-round or an undrafted free agent quarterback. Some years they've had tremendous success (see Tony Romo). Will 2009 be one of those years once again?

Over the last decade, the MAC has produced some high-quality NFL quarterbacks. From Chad Pennington to Byron Leftwich to Ben Roethlisberger, it's a conference high in quarterback quality.

And now, Nate Davis of Ball State looks to be the next in line.

In three years under coach Brady Hoke, Davis put up some heady numbers -- 9,233 yards, 74 touchdowns, and only 22 interceptions. Those stats came from a spread offense and that must be taken into consideration, but many scout believe that Davis has what it takes to make it at the next level.

He's also had extensive contact with the Dallas Cowboys, meeting extensively with team scouts at last month's NFL Combine, sources tell TheRanchReport.com.

"Davis is a smooth, intelligent pocket passer who has a great feel for the game," notes Scout.com NFL draft expert Chris Stueber. "He sets up quickly in the pocket, shows poise and delivers a strong, accurate ball to his receivers. He has the ability to escape the pocket and make plays on the run; buys time for his receivers.

Nate Davis/Getty Images

"He also possesses excellent vision and displays great touch leading receivers downfield and over the middle."

Of course, the Cowboys already added insurance behind Tony Romo, trading for veteran signal caller Jon Kitna last week. But at the same time, you never can have enough talent stockpiled the most important position in the game.

And that's where Davis, who is currently ranked as the No. 5 quarterback available in this year's draft by Scout.com, comes in.

The ultra-talented quarterback won't command a high draft pick and could be a risk worth taking in the later rounds.

Davis left Ball State after his junior season and while he knows that he'll see more complex defenses in the NFL, he seems comfortable with the idea of the pro game.

"This has always been a dream," he said. "Coach Hoke and Coach (Stan) Parrish always told me to just work hard and you'll get there. They put me in a good position. Probably in the middle of the season, I started hearing from the coaches that this could be a good time for me to leave. I wasn't thinking about it but people were just telling me it was good time to leave."

Davis, who is a bit undersized at 6-feet-2 inches tall and it isn't the fastest quarterback available (5.01 in the 40-yard dash), still is impressive on film.

He's often able to buy time in the pocket with his ability to sense backside pressure and his frame is big enough to avoid poor tackles.

And while some scouts have suggested he has second round talent, he's likely to still be there for the taking well into day two of this year's draft.

Could he be a fit for the Cowboys? Time will tell, but you can be sure Dallas isn't the only team interested.

With the physical ability to be a starter in the NFL within three years or less, a number of other teams are also showing heavy interest in his services, including the Rams, Saints and Falcons.

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