Stafford Readies for Draft

ATHENS – His financial advisors have been offering advice on real-estate purchases, and NFL teams have been wheeling and dealing with his future on the line, but Matthew Stafford is keeping his cool despite the nearly daily discussion of where he might go in next month's NFL draft.

"That's one of his positives," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "He's not really fazed by that. People talk about pressure, but there was a lot of pressure playing here at the University of Georgia, having to start as a freshman and going through some of those struggles. For him to succeed the way he did and get better every year, I think he'll do the same things in the pros."

Stafford will be back in Athens next week to get ready for Georgia's pro day, which will be held March 19.

Stafford has been widely rumored to be the first overall selection in the draft by the Detroit Lions, but nothing is guaranteed. Recent roster moves by Detroit and Kansas City – two teams in need of quarterbacks, have clouded the prognostications a bit, but Mark Richt said his former quarterback is focused more on what he'll do after the draft than where he goes on draft day.

"It sounds like he's excited about the possibility of being the first pick of the draft, and I think it's pretty obvious he's going to have a wonderful opportunity to have a wonderful NFL career," Richt said. "This is just the beginning for him."

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