Georgia Releases Moody

Georgia has released signee Dexter Moody from scholarship, according to ECI coach Milan Turner.

"Georgia gave him an unconditional release," Turner said in a telephone interview Monday.

Dexter Moody was one of two players from ECI to sign with the Bulldogs in February. The other, Washuan Ealy, is still going to Georgia Turner said.

"Dexter has to decide what he wants to do," Turner said. "Georgia has been working with him on some things, but Dexter wasn't going down the path they wanted him to with grades and some disciplinary things."

This is not the first time the Bulldogs have let or been forced to release a player after signing him. Michael Grant signed with the Bulldogs earlier in Mark Richt's time at Georgia but was not allowed into the school because of off-the-field problems which occurred early in his high school career. Grant ended up signing with Arkansas.

Turner said that Georgia gave Moody an "unconditional release". In saying so Turner seemed to indicate that Moody would be able to sign with any program in the country. However, his grades appear to be sending him in the direction of a prep school or junior college at this time.

"Georgia is very image conscious," Turner said. "And I think they just didn't feel comfortable with the path Dexter was taking. We are all pulling for Dexter."

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