Players news and notes from the Big Easy

What are the Georgia players saying about this season's Sugar Bowl?

Tony Gilbert

About his final practice as a Georgia Bulldog –

There are some glad and some sad feeling going through me right now about my last practice," Gilbert said. "I'm defiantly sad that I am not going to put on the red and black anymore. But I will never forget my days at Georgia. I'm just glad to be a Georgia Bulldog.

About Georgia's preparations for Florida State

I think that we are ready. Coach Richt has been preaching that we had better come prepared and ready to play or Florida State will come out with their best. A lot of people have been talking about them being down, but were not being lulled to sleep by it. We know that they are a good team so we are going to be ready.

David Greene

About Florida State –

They have a great defense with great team speed and we know that they are going to be anxious to play. When FSU is on their A game they are as good as anybody in the country.

If there is ever a time to get hot this is the perfect time right there at the end of the season. We have a lot of confidence. We have had some good practices going into this bowl game and were excited about the game. We have got all of the guys back and those guys have made big plays for us. I think that has been the key to the 2nd half of our season.

David Pollack

About Georgia's attitude towards the Sugar Bowl Trip –

We are here for a business trip. We cant really enjoy ourselves that much because were are in business. Some of us go out because when you hear about a place you want to go out and experience it. And it not necessarily going out and parting but everybody's just going out to see what everything is like. It hard to enjoy seeing New Orleans when you are getting ready for a good Florida State team.

About his play this season –

I think that I have held my own. I think that I have lost some and won some. My goal is to get better and never lose.

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