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ATHENS - Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia's annual Pro Day and HD video of the event.

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Here are a few of the observations I had on today's pro day.

I think I got the announced ht/wt of every player there. Here is the list I had.

Asher Allen 5-9/195
Blake Barnes 6-2/228
Ramarcus Brown 5-11/179
CJ Byrd 6-1/202
Tripp Chandler 6-5/270
Dannell Ellerbe 6-1/237
Demiko Goodman 6-2.5/189
Kenneth Harris 6-2.5/205
Corvey Irvin 6-3/302
Jermey Lomax 6-4/251
Mohamed Massaqoui 6-0/207
Brian Mimbs 5-10.5/200
Knowshon Moreno 5-10.5/210
Matthew Stafford 6-2.5/225
Jarious Wynn 6-3/272

Here are the verticals

Lomax 35 in
Barnes 27 in
Stafford 30.5 in (Combine)
Coleman Watson 28 in
Wynn 29 in
Brown 35 in
Allen 35 in (combine)
Byrd 41 in
Chandler 31 in
Goodman 35 in
Harris 39 in


Harris (13-1) 12 clean
Byrd 19 clean
Brown 13 clean
Irvin (24-7) 17 clean
Wynn 21 clean

I think Kenneth Harris had a pretty good day considering his current status. NFL guys like the type of body that Harris has. "Look at that hourglass" they would say - meaning his figure is nice. Harris, however, needs more days like today to make his stock move him into the Draft (I am not aware of any other days left). Still, he did well for himself.

I was surprised Demiko Goodman didn't jump higher. I guess I expected more. He was having a difficult time properly executing the drill as he would step into the jump several times.

I didn't get the number, but MoMass had the longjump of the day. I am pretty certain it was over 10 feet. He benefited, too, I think, from Stafford throwing on campus. He made several nice grabs in the throwing portion of the day. He looked just fine during the 40. I think he did nothing to hurt himself. I am not going to sit here and act like I know enough to say that he helped himself move up, but he certainly had at least a few nice grabs today.

CJ Byrd did well at the stations set up for inside, but i got the sense that he didn't have an unreal day at the position drills. That may have been because Asher Allen was like a hummingbird out there. I think Allen benefited himself for sure. Again, I am not an NFL scout, but he was very crisp and ran full steam back to the ball during interception drills. Still, Byrd looked good inside.

Knowshon Moreno, I thought looked good. He had a drop or two, but it is hard to know if that was more on him than on the throws (which were meant to be challenging). Moreno was quick to get off the field, which also is not a new thing. I don't think people should take that to mean that he felt he had a bad day. The thing Knowshon brings is energy. That is obvious to me. Knowshon is a gamer. He wants to play ball. He said afterwards that he was glad to have the event in Athens, and that he felt at home. The look in Knowshon's eyes... its not a look you see very often. He wants it. He works - no question - but its like he goes into a zone or something once it is time to get it on. It is hard to know for sure if someone going as high as he is helped himself. I don't think he hurt himself.

Stafford, well he was Stafford. Days like today are made for him. Just to get the ball out there and throw it all over the place - he loves it. You could tell that he was having fun, too. I think he was glad to have all of his guys there to throw to. He said it was important to him to get those guys some recognition as well, and I think they did. The important thing to note about Matthew and many of the rest of these guys is that they are all for Georgia. Matthew didn't have on an agency shirt - or a contract shirt from a shoe company. He had on his old-school classic Matthew Stafford grey Georgia "G" shirt. That may not matter to a lot of folks, but in building the Georgia brand today was a big day. Stafford talked about his confidence in Joe Cox following the event as well.

As far as the throws themselves are concerned - that was vintage Stafford. A live arm with tons of confidence in the pocket. This guy has been an NFL QB for some time now. He wants to be the first guy taken - good for him. He's not shy about it, and I think you have to have that sort of swagger in the NFL (and in college).

This was a big day for Georgia itself. My guess is that the media contingent was over 70... that's a lot of dudes to watch a football combine.

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