Marlon Brown Chat Recap

The Dawg Post recap of the exclusive chat with Georgia signee Marlon Brown.

<Marlon_Brown> Marlon is at 6-5/205 right now

<bhdawg> hey marlon – go you lions

<Marlon_Brown> My team recently just won the state basketball tournament. I have been chilling out since then

<hsharperuk59> awesome

<Marlon_Brown> Winning state was great. It was the second time we've done so. It was real exciting

<DawgFan1981> Who you got in the tourney, Marlon?

<Marlon_Brown> I like Louisville, Pitt, UNC and Memphis - I like Louisville to win it

<aspendawg> did he get the play book yet? when will he get to athens to work with joe and the other wr's

<UGAGirl98> Welcome to the Dawg nation Marlon! What are you doing to prepare for college life?

<Marlon_Brown> I started working out Monday for football. It was at 6 AM. In the afternoon i started lifting. I start catching 100 balls a day on Monday.

<hsharperuk59> when does he show up in Athens?

<Marlon_Brown> I will be in Athens for the spring game. I will move in around late May

<DawgFan1981> are you trying to put on some more weight before you get to Athens?

<Marlon_Brown> I am not looking to gain weight, but it will probably happen

<critdog> which wr position to they plan to start you out at?

<Marlon_Brown> I hope to be opposite AJ

<jdon6> forgive me if you've already been asked this question.. but when did you know you wanted to go to UGA

<Marlon_Brown> I took two visits to Georgia before I decided. I had an unofficial in December and I knew it would be a top school then. I really felt at home. I woke up Monday morning and knew that I needed to go to Georgia. I spoke with some of the coaches before Signing Day. They encouraged me to pray about it. They said if it was Georgia great. If not, that was fine

<DawgFan1981> do you know what your jersey number will be yet?

<Marlon_Brown> I hope I can get  #15 or #17. I am #22 right now. That really is not a big deal to me

<UGAGirl98> Maybe you can have 24

<critdog> who are you rooming with?

<Marlon_Brown> Aaron Murray and Chase Vasser and Artie Lynch are planning on rooming together

<DawgFan1981> you made our day on signing day! that's for sure

<aspendawg> glad to hear your coming in early Marlon.  You will have plenty of time to establish a good grove with the offense.  We all look forward to seeing you out their this fall

<jdon6> what, in your opinion, is the main thing you need to work on if anything before fall camp?

<Marlon_Brown> I need to work on my speed. I am going to work out with speed drills (cone drills) to work on it

<Marlon_Brown> I got a lot of grief from people. They really wanted me to sign with Tennessee. They wanted me to sign there and win games

<thedogfather> Marlon, can you dunk a 12' basketball goal like Dwight Howard?

<Marlon_Brown> I think I might be able to get the 12' goal. Austin could not get it.

<aspendawg> DAWG NATION is THRILLED to have you son, you will LOVE UGA

<UGAGirl98> I was impressed with the way you ran in the UA game for that TD!

<Marlon_Brown> UA Game: Matt Barkley told me that he was passing the ball in the huddle. I was thinking about not dropping the ball on national TV. I was also thinking about not getting caught from behind because my guys would have made fun of me. Then I just caught and rolled.

<Marlon_Brown> If i was not as fast then those guys would have caught me if I was not that fast.

<DawgFan1981> have you given any thought to maybe playing basketball at UGA?

<Marlon_Brown> I thought about playing basketball at Georgia, but after the state championship in football I had a basketball game that Monday. I didn't practice and I played. I was not good. I was so tired from football. I decided I could not do it.

<lowiq> dean can you ask him what his weightlifting maxes are

<Marlon_Brown> My max on bench was junior year. I have not go at it hard since then. It was 240 then

<jmazz> any UGA fans at harding?

<Marlon_Brown> There are Georgia fans at Harding... sure. There are also some new georgia fans there now

<acdawgfan1> Marlon, do you know any of the Juniors from the state of Tennessee that we might could get next year? Do you think we have a shot with Keiwone Malone, James Stone or Jacques Smith?

<Marlon_Brown> Brunetti from Memphis. Smith might be interested in Georgia.

<BlackDeathD> What are your goals before you leave Athens?

<Marlon_Brown> I've got to get to Georgia first. But I want to leave a better man than I came in

<DawgsRulz73> Marlon, is there a game on the schedule that you really are looking forward to?  That game in Knoxville is quite interesting.

<DawgFan1981> What did Aaron Murray say after he found out you were joking with him telling him you weren't going to UGA?

<Marlon_Brown> (Lauging) He had some choice words - pretty much that he hated me.

<WompWomp> Marlon, how painful was it to find out that stafford wouldn't be throwing you passes?

<Marlon_Brown> It was not that bad to know Matthew was not throwing. I feel like he had to leave

<lowiq> ask him if he has thought about him and wooten at wr and charles at te and what kind of matchup nightmares they could be

<Marlon_Brown> I think Wooten is really, really fast. He's shifty, too. It is going to be hard to find guys to match up with him, me and A.J.

<WompWomp> my friend wants to know if you ever considered auburn and if not, why?

<Marlon_Brown> I looked at Auburn a little, but by the time they switched staffs it was too late

<aspendawg> Marlon, you will be in good hands at UGA... CMR and staff will take good care of you. Our staff is as good as it gets in developing great talent and great men! Town is full of B E A U T I F U L girls too.

<Marlon_Brown> The girls, I was there twice, and I didn't see an ugly girl


<thedogfather> Marlon, there was a rumor your girlfriend was going to UGA. Is that true?

<Marlon_Brown> I am not dating someone at Georgia. I know that is out there, but that is not true.

<lowiq> what was the deciding factor between uga, ohio state and tenn?

<Marlon_Brown> I felt more comfortable at Georgia. I love Tennessee, but just didn't feel at home there. I really liked Ohio State. It was very hard to tell them no. It was up north, and I hate cold weather, and I wanted to play in the SEC - not the Big Ten

<DawgsRulz73> Marlon, Is there a game on the schedule next year you are circling so to speak?

<Marlon_Brown> I am very interested in playing at Tennessee. As soon as I come out there I know I am getting booed. It doesn't bother me at all. It is just football.

<lowiq> coach ball had some big play wr when he was the wr coach at virginia tech, maybe he can start the same tradition at uga

<Marlon_Brown> I want to help Coach Ball. Being a big-play guy at Georgia will do that.

<jmazz> Outside of sports, what's another hobby of yours?

<Marlon_Brown> I really like to playing video games, shopping for shoes and clothes. I am going to wear some Jordans tomorrow to school

<hsharperuk59> ok, 3RD TIME, he have sisters or brothers?

<Marlon_Brown> I am the middle of five children

<DawgsRulz73> Marlon, thanks so much for doing this.

<Marlon_Brown> Last questions please

<stevemob> Does he know hat he wants to major in at UGA yet?

<Marlon_Brown> Business

<lowiq> dean tell him we said thanks and welcome to the dawg nation

<jdon6> we appreciate it marlon....... good luck man.. we're cheering for ya

<Marlon_Brown> My grandmother will be down for some of the games... yes

<BlackDeathD> Look forward to seeing you tear it up

<DawgFan1981> Thanks Marlon, welcome to DAWGNATION

<UGAGirl98> Good luck! Can't wait to see you in the red & black

<jdon6> welcome to the DAWG family

<DawgsRulz73> Awesome.   She is very proud of you already.

<aspendawg> Open your eyes wide, ask as many questions as possible, study your rear end off, work your rear end off, and there is NO question you have the ability to be as good as you want to be!!!!!!! G A T A

<DawgsRulz73> this was great..

<Marlon_Brown> Thanks for all of the support. I can't wait either.

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