Player notes from the Sugar

More quotes from Georgia's players as they get ready for FSU.


David Pollack

FSU is a team that is talented, a team that is 3 or 4 deep in every position. Whenever they put it together it can be scary. They are coming in here high because they put it all together against Florida. We just have to play our football.

We are thinking about being Sugar Bowl champs. And we have been playing well. We have been putting all three facets of the game together the last two games and we are going to try to continue to do that.

One FSU's QB situation

They are 3 and 4 deep in every position and they have got a quarterback in Fabian Walker that can step up and play. We're just going to try to go out there and control the line of scrimmage and play hard.

On this being Georgia's 1st trip to the Sugar in 20 seasons –

I think that we will look on that later on in our lives but right now we are thinking about the Sugar Bowl. When I get my Sugar Bowl ring I want it to say: Sugar Bowl Champions.

Billy Bennett –

About playing the Sugar in New Orleans

It has been a lot of fun. This town is great; there's a lot of action going on and a lot of fun and we are excited to play Florida State too.

On the Georgia program

FSU is one of those teams that have always been competing nationally and were are trying to establish our program as one of those. We think that this is a big game for us to do that.

On what he does to pass the time in before the game

I have been sleeping a lot. I have been sleeping because I feel bad. I know that I need to get out and see the town but I think that a lot of guys are the same way: we've just been resting up and recovering from exams. Everyone's kind of taking a deep breath.

We've signed a kicker to come in and play for us. Its kind of tough to sign a kid out of high school because the game is different. It's faster; snaps are coming harder; guys are coming harder; you've got to get more hang time. So I am looking forward to seeing the kid come out and I hope that he does a good job. But you are kind of taking a chance when you sign someone from out of high school. From what I have heard he should be competing with the other two punters.

Jon Sullivan –

On facing Fabian Walker

Pressure, lots of pressure. We are going to try not to let him get in a rhythm.

Boss Bailey

On Georgia's secondary

They felt like they were going to come in and get the job done and try to help us win and they did.

His mental preparations for the game –

I think about it a lot. I think about the things that I want to happen. I just try to focus on good things happening for this team and to go out there and attack and win this game.

David Greene

On him passing time before the game

Sometimes you get to walk around or go down to the mall and buy something. I brought an X-Box down so I've got something to play. A lot of other guys did the same thing.

On the Sugar Bowl's astro turf

It is different playing indoors rather than outdoors. I think that it is different as far as your depth perception is concerned.

On losing this year's senior class

You can't replace guys like that. Those guys have meant so much to the program for so long. We lose the whole offensive line. But we've got some great young talent I think. The freshmen and sophomores have really looked promising in practice and they have done a great job so far.

Jon Stinchcomb

On Coach Richt

He is a man who is calm, cool, and collected. Every once in a while he will get on your tail a little bit and try to motive you. But ultimately he keeps that even keel no matter what the situation is. The team feeds off of that. He is an example for us. If you get out of line, he'll check you and get you back on the right path. 

On his last practice

It was fairly emotional for all of us. It kind of strange to think about this being the last practice for these seniors.

On his legacy at Georgia

I couldn't think of a better way to end it. Hopefully we'll end it with a win Wednesday. Just to be in the Sugar having already won the SEC, it been a great way to go out. Beating FSU would top things off. I don't want to get caught up in it being my last game.

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