2009 Spring: Legge's Thoughts So Far

ATHENS - Just a few of Dean Legge's thoughts from the couple of days of Georgia's spring practice.

I don't think there is much question that Joe Cox is the person running the show this spring, but don't forget about Logan Gray. Gray, now taking time off from special teams, had a great first day of practice. He's certainly far ahead of the two freshmen, which is expected. Joe Cox is the starter, but if Gray wants to get some snaps this fall and go into next spring as the favorite to start, he's doing the right things right now.

Mike Bobo will not allow quarterbacks to use the words "yellow" or "orange" in their cadences before the snap. You can make your own determination as to the reason why Georgia signal callers can no longer scream those colors, but I am going to go with the fact that those are Georgia's two biggest rivals' colors. Call me crazy.

Trinton Sturdivant – an interesting dude to begin with – took it another level on last Tuesday when he arrived at practice with a little red in his hair. A tremendous talent, Sturdivant has always walked his own path – he continues that with his new hairstyle. He was able to work a limited schedule because practice didn't have much contact (for a college football practice, which always has contact).

Brandon Boykin looks like an SEC football player now. He came to Georgia tipping the scales just over 160. He told me that he's now over 180 – and let me tell you he looks like it, too. Several folks in the media were commenting on Boykin's arms and shoulders. He looks great.

Mark Richt always talks about how the new quarterbacks, in particular, look lost. He's not wrong about Zach Mettenberger and Aaron Murray. The two of them are certainly looking lost compared to others. I will say that it seems, for the very limited time we were allowed to watch, that Mettenberger was a little more used to the way things work at a practice (which is not surprising considering how much he has been around). I think Mettenberger is a little ahead of schedule. He had a very good day on Friday – I think people don't understand just how good he is now, and how good he can be. I saw him throwing to GAs after practice a little after 8 PM, or almost a hour a half after practice ended, on Friday night. Murray had a difficult Friday practice in 11-on-11 drills. Still, this is a four-year race, and neither of these two is going to win or lose the starting job anytime soon. In the limited time we have had out there Mettenberger has done a little better.

Not that it should surprise a single person who reads this, but Jeremy Longo is getting coached up by Jon Fabris. With only three scholarship defensive ends healthy enough to go at this time, Longo is getting special attention for Fabris. Offensive lineman A.J. Harmon was also getting some attention from Stacy Searels.

Carlton Thomas, as I said after the first week of the 2008 season, is going to be a star. I don't think he is an every-down back in the SEC, but he will have his chance to prove me wrong in the future. Stiff-amring Justin Houston to the ground is one way to catch attention; dancing through the line and taking it to the house is another. Keep you eye out for Thomas.

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