Fox Hired: Miller and Mayfield React

ATHENS - Daniel Miller and DeMario Mayfield will admit it - they didn't know who Mark Fox was either.

They will know him very well soon enough. Lack of familiarity, however, has not stopped the duo being very curious.

"I have never head of him," Mayfield said. "But I am really happy they announced the hire so that we can move forward."

"I don't know who he is," Miller admitted Thursday night. "I have never heard of that guy before, and you just told me that Georgia hired him. I've really never watched Nevada play before."

Georgia's two signed players for the Class of 2009, like much of the rest of the Bulldog Nation didn't know much about Fox until media reports flew about him taking the job at Georgia. Tonight was the first time in the last two months that Mayfield and Miller knew what was in their future at Georgia. For a time, Mayfield said it seemed anyone other than Fox was going to lead the team.

"I have been reading updates about who they have been going after - like Mike Anderson. I was thinking it was going to be Coach Grant from VCU - that's what I was hearing," he said.

The duo decided just after Felton was fired that they would stick together no matter what, and head to Athens together.

"He asked me about sticking with Georgia one day after school, and we came together and decided that we both wanted to go to Georgia," Miller said.

"I really didn't rethink things after Coach Felton got fired. I may have had things go through my head a couple of times, but I was going to stay," Mayfield said.

Mayfield said he expects to hear from Fox soon.

"Damon Evans has my information - a lot of stuff on file. I expect him to get in touch with me because I really can't get in touch with him," he said.

The recruits are also unclear as to who will come to Georgia with Fox.

"I don't know if Coach Fox is going to be bringing in his staff or what," Mayfield said.

Georgia is one of the powerhouses in terms of high school talent. Georgia has the top-notch guys.

"We want to go and make something happen," Miller said.

"I have pretty expectations for us. I expect 20-win seasons for us," Mayfield said.

20-win seasons have been a reoccurring thing for Mark Fox teams.

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