Q&A with Bryan Evans

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with senior safety Bryan Evans.

Parker Morgan: What's the shift to safety been like for you?

Bryan Evans: It's been a transition. Learning the packages that the safety has to learn. It's kind of similar, but there's more things that you have to focus on. That comes with time, but I think I've done pretty well with it so I'm comfortable right now.

PM: How tough a change was it?

BE: It was kind of tough, just the fact that I had to learn things over. But actually when you game plan it's like you're learning at the specific time. Now I've just got to learn the basics of the safety position, and that's pretty much it.

PM: Was it hard making the transition this late in your career?

BE: Not really. I always kind of wanted to play safety. (Coach Martinez) knew that. He actually came and asked me first, and I gave him the approval so we just went with that.

PM: How do you view being a senior at a position that generally provides leadership at Georgia?

BE: After me and Reshad we're kind of young at safety. A lot of us don't have playing experience. So with (Quentin) Banks kind of injured it kind of slowed us down. Hopefully he'll be back this summer working out with us. I think me being a senior gives me more confidence in trying to help the younger guys.

PM: Do you think your speed will be an asset when compared to the traditional big hitting safety that Georgia has had previously?

BE: That's one of the things people don't know about me. I like contact. I'm trying to put on some more weight so hopefully that will be an advantage to me. I still like the fact that I have speed compared to a lot of safeties. Hopefully I can use that to my advantage also.

PM: Does your speed help when playing teams that seem to prefer speed over size on offense?

BE: At times there are teams that have those kinds of players and it's good to have smaller safeties that can match with those guys just so you don't have to have five cornerbacks on the field. You can leave a safety out there. I think anytime you can do that, that's good for a defense. But saying that, Reshad, he's close to 220 right now and he's running real well. So I think our speed on defense is no question at all. I think this could probably be one of our fastest defenses in a long time.

PM: What do you do in this time period to get better?

BE: Right now you've got to work on your fundamentals. Whenever you're tired, your fundamentals get you through the play. After working on fundamentals I think that a lot of the game falls into place. So right now I'm just working on learning the schemes, learning my position, learning what it takes to play my position and just using that to my advantage. PM: How can the Georgia defense bounce back from what was a bit of a down year at times last year?

BE: I think that we really need to get back to our fundamentals. You can't win without the defense, and the defense can't be productive with missed tackles. As a team as a whole I think, by us working on our fundamentals, will make us more a physical team playing other teams. That's something we really want to be is physical when we go out and play this year.

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