Q&A with Israel Troupe

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with redshirt sophomore receiver Israel Troupe.

Parker Morgan: How are the receivers coming along so far this spring?

Israel Troupe: I think everything is going fine. We're still learning the terminology of coach Ball and everything, but other than that everything is going fine. Everybody is picking up stuff well. Everybody is doing their part, so this spring is going pretty well for us.

PM: Is there a difference now with Joe Cox at quarterback or are things just moving along smoothly?

IT: Everything's kind of clicking right along. Joe's been around here a long time. He knows the terminology and the offense. It's just the fact that we've got to get used to a new leader. And Joe's our leader and he's doing a great job at it.

PM: How do you see Joe taking over that leadership role?

IT: I see him as a great leader. He's fired up and ready to go. He keeps us on our toes, too. He wants the best out of everybody, offense and defense. He's our leader and that's how he looks at it.

PM: You seemed to make some great strides over the course of last season. What do you look to do to improve even more this year?

IT: Just with me it's more of staying focused. That was my main thing last year, and being consistent. There was lot of inconsistencies last year with me so this year I'm a lot more focused more on the little things, doing the little things right and being consistent in everything I do.

PM: What's it like now having coach Ball as your position coach?

IT: Oh I like coach Ball. He brings fire and a little comedy to our meeting room. He's a great coach and he knows what he's doing so all we have to do is buy in and we'll be fine.

PM: What will the contribution of the receivers look like this year?

IT: As a group we're going to be able to make plays. People are going to be keying on A.J. Which opens it up for a lot of us and our offense too. We've got two new guys coming also who I think will be able to contribute. The group as a whole should have a great season this year.

PM: The group as a whole is pretty young. What kind of impact will that have this coming season?

IT: So many young guys means that we're going to be here for a long time and we're going to be putting up points. We've got a lot of senior leadership out of Mike, Tony, and Kris so they've been helping us out. And next year it'll be me and A.J. We'll be the oldest two. It's just a part of learning, and keep learning every day. Then the next thing you know everything will be easy.

PM: You mentioned people focusing on A.J. How do the other receivers take advantage of that?

IT: We've just got to make plays. With people covering him, it's going to open up for a lot of us. And when we get opportunities we've got to make those plays, and that's about it.

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