Arthur Lynch Chat Recap

The Dawg Post recap of the exclusive chat with Georgia signee Arthur Lynch.

<Artie Fontaine> I am excited to come down this weekend and get going next season. I am getting sick of waiting around for the season. Oklahoma State on September 4th.


<lowiq> what size is he now?

<Artie Fontaine> I am 6-5.5/254


<UGAGirl98> When is he arriving in Athens?

<Artie Fontaine> I will enroll May 30 and Start classes June 2nd


<danieliroberts> how bad does he want to beat Florida?

<Artie Fontaine> I have not yet gotten in to the rivalry of everything, but I just want to go undefeated


<lowiq> what made Lilly and Georgia stand out to him?

<Artie Fontaine> Coach Lilly.. when he came up last spring he told me that I was the first TE they were going to offer. Also, the way that Coach Lilly was - he was very interested in me. He stood out as a person... not just a coach. I think Georgia stands for itself. I don't regret my decision a bit. I am ready to go


<UGAGirl98> What has he been doing to prepare for the transition to college?

<Artie Fontaine> I am trying to slim down - just weight, but to build muscle and add speed. I am studying the playbook a lot. I think it is going to be a whole different ball game when I get down there. I am working out every day. It is not high school any more


<danieliroberts> what does he feel he needs to improve on?

<Artie Fontaine> I think people underestimate my speed. I run a 4.7 and 4.6, so that's pretty good for my size. I like to think I am strong, but I am working to get stronger.


<danieliroberts> who does he try to model his game after?

<Artie Fontaine> There are so many different types of TEs. I like Heath Miller. He can get wide or play on the line. I like the way he plays - dominating linebackers. I also like Todd Heath


<danieliroberts> how does he feel to be carrying the TE U tradition at Georgia?

<Artie Fontaine> I know I am going to put 100% effort to continue the TE tradition at Georgia. I think  everyone in the country knows the tradition. Ben Watson is here in New England. They don't have to sell the TE tradition at Georgia - everyone knows it. If I can reach half of what those guys have done I should because they have done so well. I think Bruce (Figgins) and those guys have done well, but they were banged up last year..



<dawgfan1024> does he like to catch with his hands or let the ball come into him a bit?

<Artie Fontaine> I catch it in the hands all the time - ever since I was a little kid - catch it with your hands... it is all about the hands


<lowiq> does he play in other sports?

<Artie Fontaine> I played basketball in high school and track, too. I have also played soccer and hockey. I love to play sports. Sports are a great way to compete. I love competing. I love the pressure


<jmazz> Does he talk to Orson Charles?

<Artie Fontaine> I talked to Orson today. I talk to him quite a bit. I thought we are going to room together, but I am not sure about that.


<lowiq> was he aware that former Georgia TE and I think nfler Jermaine Wiggins was from mass?

<Artie Fontaine> I knew about Wiggins. He played for the Patriots, too. I have never met him.. again, another Georgia TE in the NFL


<dawgfan1024> what # does he want

<Artie Fontaine> I think I will have 88, but I would like 17, too. It is not about the number. I think that's a little selfish to. It about the team you play for. I don't know what the difference is. I don't care if I am double zero


<theburnem> First off Arthur I would like to say thanks for becoming a Dawg. I've read reports today saying Georgia will not sign a tight end in the 2010 class. Is this something that the coaching staff had spoke about when they signed you and Orson?

<Artie Fontaine> The staff has not spoken with me about signing a TE in 2010. The way it looks I don't think they will, but I will help him if they do sign someone. I don't think they will need one...


<lowiq> did the chance to play in the sec impact your choice and will your schoolmates pull for uga now?

<Artie Fontaine> I never really thought about playing in the SEC. It is the best conference... there is no question. After I committed I really got into the SEC. I guess it was kind of a factor, but Georgia is where I wanted to go


<lowiq> what are your maxes on the bench, squat and power clean now

<Artie Fontaine> I have not maxed out since sophomore year and that was 305 on bench. Squat - I am not sure - probably about high 400s. Clean is 275 or 285. But it has been a while


<theburnem> Do you think that a redshirt year would benefit you this year?

<Artie Fontaine> On redshirting. I think it would benefit all freshmen. If the season was starting today I don't think I would redshirt. They really want me to jump right in. I am coming  to play. 20 years down the road if I redshirted I could have my masters if I redshirted.


<jmazz> Who's your MLB team?

<Artie Fontaine> Red Sox, hands down



<lowiq> what kind of offense does your high school team run? were you more a receiver or blocker?

<Artie Fontaine> We run a spread offense. We mostly ran the ball this season. We went undefeated, but we didn't score a lot of points. I played a lot of defense, but Georgia recruited me at tight end. I got sent out a lot, but they were basic routes to get the ball in my hands.


<danieliroberts> what did he learn and how did he think he competed at the UA game

<Artie Fontaine> The UnderArmor game boosted my confidence. I went down there to prove to people that I could play. I was able to watch the DEs and prove myself against them.  Everyone has potential and it is all about what you make of it


<lowiq> what events did you do on the track team?

<Artie Fontaine> I ran the 100m and threw the javelin


<lowiq> do you have an idea what you want to major in yet

<Artie Fontaine> Major - Education or Communications...


<Artie Fontaine> I am excited to get down to Georgia. I hope to make a contribution. I look forward to the atmosphere. I have heard it is the best.

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