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Dean Legge, Scout.com Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons and the rest of Dawg Post chatted about G Day and the Scout.com Atlanta Combine. The following is only a sample of some of the questions from the chat.

<DawgsRulz73> What about Garrison smith? Chad how close is he to making his decision?  Was he in Athens this weekend?


<ChadSimmons> I don't think Garrison Smith is close at all... he plans to take his official visits as of right now. Garrison Smith was not in Athens for G-Day... he hung out at the combine and then worked at six flags from 8am-9pm on Saturday

<WompWomp> Dean, is our defense really just that good? haha

<Dean_Legge> I do think the defense will be pretty solid in 2009. Mainly because of the line and what Justin houston brings to the table


<MrBigDAWG> Who do you think we get next?

<ChadSimmons> The next commit - I think the next one to decide on UGA's radar is Jones of course, but hard to say who the next commit will be... I would have said Kolton  Houston, but he committed a month early


<WompWomp> dean do you think caleb will get it together once he can piece together a strong performance?

<Dean_Legge> On Caleb. Your guess is as good as mine at this point.


<lowiq> whats the latest on darick rogers? man he is an athletic kid


<ChadSimmons> DaRick Rogers likes UF the most without a doubt RIGHT NOW imo... he loves the Gator system, he is a big fan of Urban Meyer, and he likes how they spread the  ball around... UGA will make a STRONG run though and they really impressed him when he visited a couple of weeks ago


<WompWomp> Dean, did Logan make enough of a statement in the G-day game(again) that he could possibly slip to number 1?


<Dean_Legge> I can't see Richt putting Gray past Cox, but I do think Logan had a very good spring. A very good spring


<danieliroberts> how did jalen fields look at the combine? saw that he played some snaps at wr. thats crazy at his size

<ChadSimmons> Jalen Fields looked like Jalen Fields to me... Used size and athleticism to whip some OLs, but when he went up against good OLs, then he struggles at times because  he is not there yet fundamentally.  His upside is as high as anyones in GA or possibly the south though.




<ChadSimmons> One sleeper that likes UGA  alot is Henry Anderson... He was VERY strong at DE and he currently has around 10-12 offers... Fab invited him to camp and he is showing Anderson a lot of attention


<elovely1> Dean, who has better hands, AWhite or me?

<Dean_Legge> The guys are going to have to start catching the ball effectily...


<WompWomp> Dean, did C.Thomas take a step towards the number 2 spot behind Samuel(expected starter)?

<Dean_Legge> I think Carlton is in the mix for the number one spot considering that Caleb didn't lock it down and Richard was hurt


<ChadSimmons> I think the overall talent is better this year than last year and I think 2011 will be a little better at the top than 2010

<DawgsRulz73> Dean, how is tony ball different than coach eason in coaching the WRs?

<Dean_Legge> Ball is different than Eason, but it seems the results are about the same right now, If you have the talent they will perform... if not...


<elovely1> Dean, WR is thiiiin right now though, no?  I can't sit here and judge Ball yet.

<Dean_Legge> Hard to judge ball right now...


<WompWomp> Dean, does Richard Samuel always run with his head down in practice?

<Dean_Legge> We are only at practice a limited time. Richard will be fine IMO. He just needs a little time


<ChadSimmons> coaches can hit the road on April 15 - not sure when UGA is going out though - coahces can be out 4 out of 6 weeks between April 15 and May 31

<ChadSimmons> UGA is the team to beat imo for guys like Mike Taylor, Jeff Whitaker, Garrison Smith, 2011 lineman LaMichael Fanning and a few others

<DawgsRulz73> Dean, do you think brandon boykin wins the starting job from what you have heard?

<Dean_Legge> Boykin seems like the guy to beat IMO


<elovely1> Deano, meant to mention today on the Porch, your guy Charles White had a nice game

<Dean_Legge> Yes, Charles looked good. Now all he has to do is make it work in the fall... and stay healthy.


<WompWomp> Dean, do you think Branden Smith will play day 1? I

<Dean_Legge> Yes

<ChadSimmons> I like Deas - he will start as a solid 3 star guy imo... I will be down to watch him live during spring practice and I will have a better idea then... I like his ability to find the ball, I like how aggressive he is, and he has good speed laterally too


<elovely1> Chad what the heck happened to Whit?  Thought he was gonna be our first this year...

<ChadSimmons> UGA is the team to beat IMO for guys like Mike Taylor, Jeff Whitaker, Garrison Smith, 2011 lineman LaMichael Fanning and a few others



<WompWomp> Dean, do you think rennie makes all american first team this year?

<Dean_Legge> Not totally sure if Rennie will be an All-American. He will be All-SEC for certain


<brett1202> Chad, along the lines of Lattimore. Anything new  on the other byrnes guys?

<ChadSimmons> I think UGA is about 3 or 4 for Lattimore right now, but they are in it and he said he will visit them officially, so they have a chance. Willis still likes UGA, he told me last week UGA was in his top 4 and that he will probably visit Athens again this summer... No offer for Miller or Torian Richardson at this time


<dawgs07mf> Dean, is Owens 100% ready for the fall

<Dean_Legge> Not at this moment, but he, and many others, will be


<WompWomp> dean, how accurate is that 10.9 100 meter that Cornelius Washington reported?

<Dean_Legge> I don't know, but I saw him run as a HS sr. and dude could roll.


<WompWomp> Dean, is Mark Richt one of the most undervalued coaches in the country? I mean, barring a national title, his record is smoking hot

<Dean_Legge> Needs a NC


<MrBigDAWG> Chad what's the recruits saying about Coach McClendon?

<ChadSimmons> Recruits love Coach McClendon... Mack Brown, Eduardo Clements, and Lattimore all praise him, his maturity, how he is settled with a family, how personable he is...etc


<WompWomp> Dean, do you think McClendon will make an impact on our RB recruiting due to his age?

<Dean_Legge> BMac will provide a different energy to the staff. I don't know why that would be a bad thing


<danieliroberts> chad where do we stand with hurst?

<ChadSimmons> UGA is in with Hurst too... I would say top 3 or so right now... He LOVED his visit to Athens and I will have a full update on him later this week.



1,0Dean, When does the 2009 season preview come out?  lol  i know it's only april..

<Dean_Legge> Working on the preview right now. Will come out before June...



<WompWomp> Dean, in your opinion, Stafford or Sanchez on your fantasy team next year if you had to pick one?

<Dean_Legge> Don't play fantasy, buy I'd take Stafford... I guess.


<jmazz> All 2009 signees qualified yet?

<ChadSimmons> No, all signees are not qualified yet... Ealey and Montez Robinson are two still working to get there


<Aldog> chad what is the deal with david yankey. he looked like a beast at the combine.

<ChadSimmons> Yankey has some solid offers from ACC and Pac 10 schools... Needs to work on his feet and strength... Got pushed around some at the beginning, but got better in the end... Strong day overall and probably the top OL there for me... I do not expect UGAZ to get involved any time soon



1,0Chad, Is Marquell Wade a SEC Calibur player?  Is he on UGA's radar?

<ChadSimmons> Wade is on UGA's radar and he is a good player, but not a great player based on the film I have seen... He has visited UGA earlier this spring



1,0How many defensive backs do we take?  cbs and safeties?

<ChadSimmons> I think UGA takes around 3 DBs right now... mix of both...


<WompWomp> Dean, do you think that blackout is officially over like most do, or do you think that it is still a great way to get our guys up for a game?

<Dean_Legge> No, I think the LSU is a probable blackout game. Those things are too big a deal for recruits. They are not going anywhere. The black jerseys are very popular


<WompWomp> Chad, is there anyone on the team that could be as exciting/entertaining as Knowshon?

<ChadSimmons> Branden Smith and Orson Charles are two that could be very entertaining in Athens


<WompWomp> Dean, where would you put this class(09) in the pecking order since Mark Richt took over?

<Dean_Legge> It is ok. The 2006 class, with Stafford, Moreno, Allen and other NFLers, is looking like the best one.


<DixieDawg02> Why are we seemingly getting our butts kicked in state recruiting? There does not seem to be the guys out there who just jump all over a UGA offer like ther have been in the recent past

<Dean_Legge> In state this season? Just a difficult year with low numbers to pass out... that's a lot of it IMO


<DixieDawg02> Yeah that 06 class was huge. Too bad we could not keep Asher, Moreno, and Staff all 4 years.

<Dean_Legge> That's never going to happen. Those kinds of kids only go for three seasons IMO


<WompWomp> Dean, is Branden Smith the fastest athlete we've ever signed? I heard he ran a 4.23 once

<Dean_Legge> ever as in Mark Richt's time? Maybe.



<WompWomp> Dean, where is our biggest question mark on defense?

<Dean_Legge> Still DE, but Houston is becoming a big deal.


<DawgsRulz73> Chad, Is UGA still recruiting ambles?

<ChadSimmons> No, I do not think Ambles gets an offer from UGA right now. He still gets a few letters from UGA

<danieliroberts> chad whats the latest on fulton and morant? they both seem to like UF alot

<ChadSimmons> UGA is still in the top three for both Fulton and Morant, but Fulton LOVES Alabama right now... Many see him going there


<UGAGirl98> I may have missed it earlier, but do you think we'll move anyone else to DE?

<Dean_Legge> On moving folks to DE... could happen, but probably not in the fall


<lowiq> any chance dewberry gets tried there dean?

<Dean_Legge> Yes,.. dewberry could be a DE... if he plays in 2009


<DawgsRulz73> Chad,  You see us offering any TEs this class?

<ChadSimmons> Possibly a Tank Sessions type ATH that could play TE/DE...

<Dean_Legge> No way on signing a legit TE


<DawgsRulz73> Chad, Do we have a shot with Borrows?

<ChadSimmons> Yes, UGA definitely has a shot at Burrows... They are in his top three and I think it will be Bama, UF, or UGA for him in the end

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