Burnette Chat Recap

In another Dawg Post exclusive, Georgia signee Chris Burnette chatted with members.

<danieliroberts> what size is he at now

<Chris_Burnette> 6-3, 300


<danieliroberts> how bad does he hate Florida?

<Chris_Burnette> I don't really hate Florida, but as far as rivals go I have a competitive spirit. When we play Florida it is going to be taken up a notch


<danieliroberts> what does he feel he needs to improve on

<Chris_Burnette> I think I need to get better on everything. Leverage, run blocking, pass blocking, trimming off body fat. I think I could get faster. I think I can improve everywhere.


<lowiq> ask him how the race for valedictorian is going

<Chris_Burnette> Actually the race is pretty close. It is down to me, and two others. They are looking at GPAs and SATs. I think I will know by Thursday. I guess you could say that it will be nerve racking.


<jmazz> What does he want to major in at UGA?

<Chris_Burnette> I actually have thought about it. I am looking at engineering, but I am not sure what. I am also looking at physics, or maybe something in business to take advantage of the business school.


<apple_dawg> Chris, which future teammates have become good friends?

<Chris_Burnette> Pretty much the entire 2009 class. I had a chance to speak with them through text. I am very close with Orson Charles, Aaron Murray and Austin Long. We got a bond out in San Antonio. I think I am pretty close with those guys


<jmazz> How did he feel about being on the cover of Dawg Post?

<Chris_Burnette> It was about me letting them come up with the creative process and me buying into it. They told me to be honest about some of the ideas. We tried a lot of different things, but I really liked the cover. He had a picture of a guy yelling on his iPhone, and we thought it would be neat of me taking a picture crushing a book. He took a couple hundred pictures. It was a fun experience to get to be in, and to be on the cover of a magazine.


<danieliroberts> is he going to play center or guard or have they discussed that yet

<Chris_Burnette> Right now it looks like I am going to play guard. I have no experience playing center. They are talking with me about left guard, and I don't think that will be too much of a transition.


<lowiq> what about coach searels impressed you and what about you impressed him

<Chris_Burnette> I'd been to a lot, a lot of practices my junior year. Coach Searles' attitude about the little things - doing stuff until you get it right - it's important. You have to know what you are supposed to do. He had some of the things some of my former coaches have. He is not going to let you slack off. He is not going to allow you not to get better - he is going to push you.


<Berlusconi> Chris, describe your demeanor on the football field

<Chris_Burnette> When I am off the field I am a gentile giant. On the field I try to use all the passion I have as fuel to spark something. I want to play my best and to my full potential, but yet, under control. I think there is a balance because you have to think, too. Playing with anger is something I have learned to harness in playing football.


<danieliroberts> what are your maxes on the bench, squat and power clean

<Chris_Burnette> Bench: 315, Squat, 550; Power Clean 325


<lowiq> i know you are close to 50' in the shot put, do you think you will win your region?

<Chris_Burnette> I think I have a good chance to win the region. I think there is a guy from Carver that threw well. The region meet is on Thursday. I am going to try to push it. I just threw 48.6'. I think I can throw 50'


<lowiq> how much influence did former dawg and current troup coach george brewer have on you?

<Chris_Burnette> He didn't have influence in me going to Georgia.  But he did have influence in me playing with passion. He wanted his players to the point that we would have to tell us that he could not break us. But as far as me going to Georgia he didn't have to persuade me because I wanted to go there from the beginning.


<brickbat> Hey Chris!   Looking for great things for and from you, man. What do they have you doing to get ready?

<Chris_Burnette> I have been trying study the playbook. I try to learn things I didn't know before. I have been trying to learn each position on the line. I am either lifting each morning or doing mat drills in the morning. I am also working on my footwork.


<jmazz> Outside of football, what other hobbies does he have?

<Chris_Burnette> like to play video games. Sometimes I like to play first-person shooting game. I also like to draw, but I don't do that as much as I once did. We play a lot of 3-on-3 basketball here at home.


<danieliroberts> how great does it feel to be a Georgia bulldog?

<Chris_Burnette> For me being a Georgia Bulldog is a pride thing. I have been wanting this since seventh grade. To have the opportunity to wear the read and black and play at Sanford Stadium... you are kind of in awe to achieve these goals. But at the same time I am more focused than ever. Being a Georgia Bulldog means a lot. A lot of people are Georgia fans. I can represent LaGrange in Athens and Georgia for the whole country to see.


<bhdawg> chris what are you favorite movies to go to

<Chris_Burnette> I don't watch a lot of movies, but I do like Remember the Titans, Facing the Giants and Brian's Song. I liked the latest Batman, too.


<lowiq> the troup/lagrange area has a long tradition of good college players. who from your area have you looked up to growing up

<Chris_Burnette> For me, a guy most folks would not have known, Tony Burnette - my older brother. He played, and every time he did something I was trying to emulate it. He played FB in the Wing T. If he tried to do something I did it, too. He was an explosive blocker - that was one of his best qualities. I saw that and I wanted to be at the point on contact. I wanted people to feel it. I got that from him


<lowiq> Coach Richt said if you are the top graduate in your class he would attend. how much would that mean to you and your family

<Chris_Burnette> For me it was not too disappointing, because I knew that Coach Richt probably had something going on. It seemed pretty reasonable, but I didn't think about the NCAAs. Just that he was talking about coming to see me speak - that was probably more important than him actually coming


<danieliroberts> how did you feel you did at the army AA game and what did you learn

<Chris_Burnette> I think I gained more confidence. You are always thinking about the competition - are you at the top level? I really felt more confident about the next level after that week. I learned about how good my future teammates would be.


<DawgFan1981> Chris, what are you looking forward to most once you get to Athens?

<Chris_Burnette> More than anything the atmosphere. I always liked Georgia and Coach Richt. But I really liked the family atmosphere. I had a home away from home. Playing national football and a home away from home - that's what I look forward to


<dawgsin2004> Chris, how do you feel about the class coming in with you?

<Chris_Burnette> I think we have a great class. Orson, Aaron are going to be real good. Getting Marlon Brown at the last second. I think it was big to have him. Branden Smith. Dallas, Chase, Zach. I think a lot of us are going to have a chance to play early. I think the class of 2009 is going to shine


<dawgsin2004> What team are you looking forward to beating the most?

<Chris_Burnette> It is real close... Florida, I really just want to beat them. I really want to get a taste of that. At the same time I was at the Tech game. To have that explosion in the second half... it makes you want to have revenge. Then again the Alabama game, it was a blackout and that was kind of embarrassing. We don't play them this year, but I would like to do so in the SEC Championship Game and get a little revenge

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