2009 Athens Nike Camp: O & O

ATHENS - Dean Legge's opinions and observations from the 2009 Athens Nike Camp at Georgia.

Top talent at a Georgia camp (even if it was not sponsered by the University) is not abnormal. However, so many of the top players being from out of state was a little strange for me.

It may have been the players I was watching - most of whom were not from Georgia - or that many of the top players in Georgia deicided not to take part in the Nike Camp after going to the FoxSports/Scout.com Camp a few weeks ago. I have no idea. I do know that most of the top players I watched were not from Georgia.

Marcus Lattimore, RB, Byrnes

I watched Lattimore for a long time on Saturday, and like the video I put together mentioned. and I am convinced that he is a workhorse. I saw him play live last fall against an outmtached North Gwinnett team, and I was impressed by the way he wore the Bulldogs down in the second half. Lattimore is a guy who is in condition - which was evident at the event. More than anything else, it seemed like his group was getting a serious workout during the camp.

Lattimore has been used a lot at Byrnes. That would be a bit of a red flag for me. Running backs can only take so much punishment over time - even if they are far and away the best player on the field, which Lattimore is. He seems like an Auburn back - one of the those classic wear-you-down guys they have had over the last thirty years. He impressed me Saturday

Brandon Willis, DT, Byrnes

I only watched so much of Willis - I have seen his mauling style before several times. Nothing changed on Saturday. He was still outstanding. I don't wonder why Byrnes is so good. I know that the talent there is signifigantly better than at any other school in South Carolina. That's why they have done so well over the last few seasons. Willis looks like a player who could step into a defensive tackle rotation now at most SEC schools. I wonder if he would get a start or two by the end of his freshman season at some of the schools in the SEC. I feel sure he will start by November in the ACC his first fall on campus.

Everett Golson, QB, Myrtle Beach

Perhaps the top overall athlete in South Carolina, Golson is one heck of a quarterback. He is still very lean. Going into his junior year in high school I guess I expected to see him with a little more bulk on his body. He is a big-time basketball kid, so that probably has as much to do with keeping weight off of him as anything else. Like I said in the video, people are going to see an athletic kid playing quarterback and try to push him as an athlete. Golson is an athlete to be sure, but he's a quarterback on the gridiron. Don't lose track of him - I feel certain Georgia will be tracking him as one of the top signal callers in the South for the Class of 2011. Considering his age, he was probably the best quarterback prospect at the camp. Golson guided Myrtle Beach to the state title, so you can pencil him in as a winner, too.

Hutson Mason, QB, Lassiter

It takes you a minute to locate Mason because he's not one of the biggest kids on Earth. He, like Golson, is slender. Still, he delivers a very nice football, and it was evident the reason why Georgia would be interested in looking at him for a possible scholarship later this year. He delivers the ball well - he was relatively consistent with his throws - many of the other quarterbacks were wild in my view. Mason and Michael Tamburo threw the ball around like crazy in the second round of the playoffs last year - he went toe-to-toe with one of the best high school quarterbacks in Georgia. He proved his abilities that night even though Lassiter lost. Keep an eye on him. Georgia may be interested in him after a good spring.

Tai-ler Jones, WR, Gainesville

It sort of depends on what you want in the wide receiver, but if you want a very good route runner my guess is that Tai-ler Jones must be somewhere at the top of your list. Big - not really; super fast? I've seen faster... but Jones gets great separation from the defensive back coming out of his routes. The quarterbacks Jones was working with were a little inconsistent with their throws, so that hurt his ability to catch the ball in one-on-ones. That didn't take away from the fact that he was very polished on Saturday. No receiver jumped out to me more than him.

Charon Peake, WR, Dorman (SC)

Probably the receiver with the most potential in the bunch was Peake. A soft-spoken young man with a frame that looks ideal for growing into a BCS-level school, Peak had a drop or two before he really got going. He made a great catch in the one-on-ones, which certainly caught my eye. Keep an eye out for him. I get the feeling he didn't have a great day compared to what he normally does. He's young, and I think that had a lot to do with it. I hesitate to put this out there because of overreaction, but he looks and acts a lot like A.J. Green did at the time. Watch his sophomore film from last season... he runs like Greene; he goes up and gets it like Green... he's not the same, but he's in the ballpark.

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