Academic Update: UGA 2009 Signees

Dexter Moody was released by UGA and he was not looking good academically, so what about the others? Find out what we are hearing on Branden Smith, Kwame Geathers, WaShaun Ealey, Montez Robinson, Derrick Lott right here.

At this time, Derrick Lott and Shawn Williams look to be in very good shape. Both had work to do this time a year ago and both have done what it took to be on track to qualify.

They both have their needed test score and they are doing well in their core classes as they close out their senior year.

Two that are not quite there yet, but could still be in Athens in June are Montez Robinson and WaShaun Ealey.

When talking to Coach Shelbourne of Avon recently, he said, "I feel like Montez is right at where he needs to be to give himself a chance to qualify. He did well on his last SAT and is now going to be up to the NCAA Clearinghouse."

"I have been an academic counselor for about 35 years, so I know what it takes to get in and I think he is right there. The question is, what will the NCAA do about his core classes – it is confusing because he was in Alabama for a year and a half and then he transferred up here, so if they take all the classes, then I think he has a real chance to be at Georgia in June."

Coach Turner at E.C.I. feels his star back over the last few years will take it down to the final days as well.

"We don't know yet if WaShaun is going to make it or not," said Milan Turner. "He just has to finish out strong. It is going to be down to the wire for him. He has the test score and he just needs to finish with all A's and B's. He is on track now, but he just can't slip up. We won't know until graduation."

Branden Smith looks to be in good shape, but word is he is taking the test once more.

His coach said he had his score as did the five-star corner about a month ago. All signs are pointing towards him being in good shape, but the UGA signee could take the test once more. Smith says, "I am already in, but I am just taking the test one more time to do better. I am going to be moving to Athens on May 31."

Kwame Geathers looks to be on his way to Athens according to those at Carvers Bay. More than one person close to Geathers has said he is on track and that he will be qualified for UGA in time to move in this summer. Nothing will be for certain on him until signees start to enroll the first week of June.

The remainder of the class is good to go based on the information I have been given, but the five featured in this update need to be watched until signees start arriving in Athens a little less than a month from now.

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