Jones Chat Recap

In another Dawg Post exclusive, Georgia signee Abry Jones chatted with members.

<bhdawg> abry what are you working on the most in the wt room

<Abry Jones>  I work on everything. I workout in sixth period. Normal weight lifting and agilities


<lowiq> dean ask abry has he made it to 300 yet

<Abry Jones>  HT/WT - I think I have grown taller. I think I am 6-4. I know I am 310


<critdog> ask him if he is ready for coach g

<Abry Jones>  I have seen Coach G, but not live. I guess I am expecting a long day with a lot of yelling


<bhdawg> abry have you tried the mat drills yet

<Abry Jones>  No I have not done mat drills, yet.


<lowiq> what was it about the uga program that made him pick us

<Abry Jones>  Coach G and playing time. I thought Coach G was cool to be around. He has experience putting guys in the NFL. I think there are a lot of seniors, so I will have a chance to play early.


<FedorDawg> Abry, what have the coaches told you in terms of early playing time?

<Abry Jones>  The only thing Coach G has said is that if I can play that I will play. They are telling me DT for sure


<bpadgett09> Abry, have you spoken with your cousin yet, Dominique Easley?  I read he was going to talk to you soon about playing at UGA.

<Abry Jones>  He is in New York. I think he is 2010. I think Coach G went to see him last week. I don't know much more than that.


<seagles> and weaknesses if you have any?

<Abry Jones>  Laughing... I think fighting a reach block is my weakness right now


<FedorDawg> Abry, have which other UGA signees have you bonded with and who do you plan to room with?

<Abry Jones>  Derrick Lott mostly. I text with Chase Vasser a lot. We are pretty good friends


<bhdawg> abry what is your 40 time now

<Abry Jones>  I've not run a 40 in a while. I have no idea


<SuwaneeDawg03> Abry, is there any team you want to beat down the most?  Or QB you want to sack the most?

<Abry Jones>  I don't know. I guess I'd like to do Tebow because of the beat down last year.


<seagles> What are you going to do with yourself this spring and summer

<Abry Jones>  I am going to get in there and get comfortable. I am going to hit the weights hard and get ready for summer camp


<lowiq> has garner given you a target weight to report at

<Abry Jones>  No


<seagles> Do you have a favorite pro team....who will be your rival college team?

<Abry Jones>  I like the Steelers the most. In College... I guess Georgia Tech


<lowiq> do you know your maxes in the power clean and squat

<Abry Jones>  I have not maxed in a while (last summer) 395 squat. 285 for hang clean. We don't do power clean


<FedorDawg> what would you like to major in and do after college?

<Abry Jones>  I am probably going to major in something in business. I will probably start some businesses after I get done playing for money not related for football


<seagles> Do you have all the women chasing you?

<Abry Jones>  Laughing. Not Yet

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