Dawgs Offer Impressive Athlete

ATHENS – Most prospects have many different opportunities to look at before deciding on a move after high school.

"Opportunities", however, might be an understatement for the situation Jake Skole is in.

Not just a talented football player, Skole could play minor league baseball, college football or college baseball next fall (or both football and baseball in college, which seems most likely).

Virginia Tech, Maryland, East Carolina, South Carolina, Wake Forest and Auburn have already extended scholarship offers, but one of the biggest offers so far, Georgia, came today.

"When we were leaving Coach Martinez pulled me to the side and let me know that they were offering me," Skole said. Martinez, however, was not the last coach Skole saw before he left for home.

"Coach Perno was the last person I saw before I left," Skole said. "The Georgia offer is a big deal. I don't know if there is a better place to play baseball and football. I just spoke with Coach Perno. He told me that he was fine with playing both. He is cool with it. I would be considered a walk-on in baseball. I think I can defiantly play on the baseball team. Coach Perno is excited, and I think the baseball program wants me, too."

With all of that said, Skole is not a slam dunk to sign and play with the Dawgs. He could get drafted in the 2010 MLB Draft and play baseball, and then, too, is Georgia's rival Georgia Tech.

"I grew up liking Tech, and seeing my brother at Tech has been awesome. He plays third base for the baseball team," Skole said. "People say: "You only need to play with your brother." But he could leave after next year, so that's not really something that is too big. He is definitely pushing me to go to Tech."

One problem, which could be remedied very soon, is that Georgia Tech has not yet offered Skole a football scholarship. The Yellow Jackets has let him know that they likely will, but he has not yet heard from them officially.

The in-state tug of war, which could be complicated by a number of other variables, could get interesting at that point.

"I have always been interested in Georgia – everyone loves Georgia. I have always liked them, " he said. "I think the baseball is great. I would love to play baseball at Georgia. The football is on another level at Georgia."

Still, Skole said he will take a look around the country at several programs.

"I have been talking with Stanford, but I think I want to go in a driving area," he said. I think I need to decide if I want to go play in a small town or in a city. I need to go see South Carolina, Virginia Tech. I have seen Georgia Tech. I am going to try to take an official at Georgia. I have been talking with Ole Miss, so I want to see them, too."

If he does pick the Dawgs, Skole already knows he will play baseball his first season.

"Georgia baseball told me today that they will not redshirt in baseball me because if football redshirts me I will be wasting a year," he said.

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