Graydon raves about his trip to Athens

Georgia rolls out the red carpet for Graydon and his mother.

There is no doubt about it; Dana Graydon loved his visit to Athens. But he stopped short of committing to Mark Richt and Georgia.

"I made a promise to myself not to commit this weekend," said Graydon. He said that he still plans to visit both Auburn and Florida State, but indicated that he might switch those visits in order to determine if he will commit to Georgia or Florida State. Graydon said that he is not seriously considering Auburn.

"Coach Mark Richt is like one of the players," added Graydon about his trip. "He was there all of the time and he is so down to Earth. The trip was fantastic."

Graydon's tone thought the whole conversation was upbeat. It was so up beat that I was surprised that he did not commit to Georgia. Graydon said the fact that Georgia is running out of scholarships to offer is also something that he must take into consideration.

He said that he spent most of his time on the trip with Tim Jennings and Johnathan Sullivan. In fact he said that Sullivan told him "once you sign on the dotted line, you are family."

And although it seems that Graydon really wants to be "family", he said that he will have to wait until after his trip to Tallahassee to decide which college football family he will be in.

He also indicated that former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan ignored the Albany area when it came to recruiting and now that Richt is the head man in Athens, things have changed. "Georgia really rolled out the red carpet. My mother and I have never been treated that well," said Graydon.

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