Benedict Talks Trip to Athens

ATHENS – Georgia beat out Florida on Tuesday for Da' Rick Rogers – the Dawgs hope to do the same with Brent Benedict.

Considered the top offensive lineman in Florida by, Benedict's recruiting seems to be headed for a showdown between the Dawgs and Gators. That's appropriate considering he lives in Jacksonville.

"Those are the two local schools," Benedict said on a car ride home from his trip to Georgia. "This is a good situation to be in, but it is going to be very difficult to make the decision. I think it is hard to go wrong for me with the schools I am looking at (Georgia and Florida)."

Getting to the point of making a decision is going to be a challenge for Benedict. He is considering other schools, but it seems clear from numerous conversations with him that Florida and Georgia are the top of his list. He maintains that he does not have an "official list", but he will take a look at some other schools in the South soon.

It seems like a Georgia-Florida fight for the Jacksonville product

Still, the trip to Georgia was an attempt on the prospect's part to see what was what in Athens. While familiar with most of the things surrounding the football program, Benedict said he took in much of the academic side of college life at Georgia.

"The reason I came up here was to see just more of what is going on," he said. "I got to visit the Terry Business school and go to a marketing class with Shaun Chapas."

Chapas, the Dawgs' starting fullback, is a former player at Benedict's current school Bolles.

"I know that Georgia has an excellent academic reputation. I wanted to see it for myself - that was the point of going," he added. "You can look on the Internet and see things; you can see who is where, and stuff like that, but I wanted to get out there and see what is happening."

The Bulldogs still mixed in some pigskin during the trip.

"We drove into the stadium and watched some of highlights from last year, and that was really cool," he said of his brief tour of Sanford Stadium.

Benedict visited the Bulldogs during their week-long camp on Tuesday and got a chance to see, again, the offensive line coach put prospects through the rigors.

Benedict is ranked as the top offensive lineman in Florida by

He also got a good feel for the coaches who have been recruiting him for the Dawgs.

"I got a chance to eat with Coach Searles, his wife, Coach Lilly and Coach Richt," Benedict said. "It was nice. Also, I wanted to see Coach Searles coach. It is very similar to my high school coach in the way he coaches."

"The trip confirmed some things I thought. I wanted to get around some of the guys and the coaches," Benedict said. "I really want to come back to my school and become a leader. That is the reason I want to get back home."

The prospect would love to focus on his high school team. Winning at Bolles is important to him as is his decision about college.

"When I make the decision that is going to be it," he said. "I am not going to make a big deal about committing when I commit. I am not going to do any sort of hat trick or anything like that."

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