2009 Mark Richt Camp: Thursday Notebook

ATHENS – Georgia's camp was so good Thursday that former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville had to watch it.

Maybe it wasn't that riveting, but in this day and age – where camps are vital recruiting tools and evaluating sessions, Georgia's week-long camp is important.


Morant enjoyed the competition during the camp on Thursday.

Don't kid yourself – the best players at the camp were from Manning, South Carolina. Johnavon Fulton and Dexter Morant were the headliners Thursday. Fulton, who could be considered a shutdown corner in high school, looked great in seven-on-seven drills. He is a physical prospect who can move well. He has the ability to break up passes after receivers have their hands on the ball. Morant is not as physically looming for his position, but he's got an outstanding frame to build on. I wonder how much better Morant will be after this fall. He's a heck of a prospect. I think Fulton is further along right now in his development, but it seems to me Morant could catch up fast. Again, I love Morant's frame. In particular, I liked the way Morant competed in one-on-one drills. I only saw in get beat once on the day. I had a good day. Obviously, like Fulton, there was only so much competition for him out there.

Georgia's coaches were on Fulton a ton on Thursday. The Dawgs are trying to make it work as much as possible. One has to wonder how Fulton is taking the news that Alabama has been given a three-year probation by the NCAA. I wonder if the staff will point that out to him. Obviously Fulton, and all of the prospects being recruited by Alabama, will have a scholarship (if he wants to take it) as the Tide will not lose scholarships over this scandal. Still, the black cloud that is probation is bad. One slip up and a program can have post-season revoked in no time… Alabama knows about that, too (see the 2002 season).

Fulton was shown a lot of attention on Thursday. he was the top skill player in Athens.

Jon Fabris spent nearly the entire time teaching and recruiting Morant. Morant, who clearly likes the Dawgs' defensive ends coach, was seen laughing with and at Fabris during the day. If the Dawgs are going to sign a player from Manning, I would bet on Morant.


A group of players from Ohio, being shuttled around but what I can best describe as a recruiting agency of some sort, made themselves known on Thursday. Latwan Anderson, from Glenville, OH and Shaquille Washington from Maple Heights, OH, both made some god plays on the day. Anderson, who just transferred schools in the winter, has a slew of offers, but not from in-state Ohio State. Washington, who is a 2012 player, is without a doubt on Georgia's radar. In a crazy twist, from what I can tell, Washington transferred from Glenville, OH to Maple Heights (no word on if a minor league player was also involved in the trade). I would write Washington's name down. He ran a 3.96 shuttle earlier this year at a Nike Combine, and he was seen talking to head coach Mark Richt.


Harrisonburg, VA's Landon Turner was the only player to actually handle Morant. A younger prospect, Turner will be a junior in the fall. He's a big kid who didn't seem to stick out until the one-on-one drills. Those drills, as you know, favor the defensive ends. I thought Turner played, perhaps, a little too high, but his win over Morant means you should write his name down.

Here is a little more on Turner

The Dean's List for Thursday:
Johnavon Fulton, DB, 2010, Manning, SC
Dexter Morant, DE, 2010, Manning, SC
Shaquille Washington, WR, 2012, Maple Heights, OH
Latwan Anderson, WR, 2010, Glenville, OH
Landon Turner, OT, 2011, Harrisonburg, VA

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