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You will find numerous updates throughout the weekend here in this ongoing notebook. Top recruits talk the Mark Richt Camp and their time in Athens here including Mack Brown where he makes a big change.

This feature will continuously be updated throughout the weekend as we touch base with recruits.

UGA targets, prospects, sleepers, and new names will show up in this feature, so make sure you check back throughout the next few days.

Profile: Ken Malcome

"I did not participate in the camp or anything, but I got plenty of love from the coaches while I was there," Malcome said.

"I talked to Coach Richt, Coach Garner, and Coach McClendon today and they all had nice things to say."

"I talked to Coach McClendon the most and he talked to me and Mack Brown as we left letting us know that he would love to have both of us at Georgia. He said we could be the double-threat for him at running back."

"I really like Coach McClendon - I call him a lot, we are getting to know each other good, and he is a cool guy."

"Right now Oklahoma would not be on top anymore - I still like them, but Georgia and Florida are up there. I had a great visit to Florida earlier this week and I feel very comfortbale at Georgia. Those would be my top three, but not a real leader for me right now."

Profile: T.J. Stripling

"I got to watch the camp and if I would have had my cleats, then I would have been out there competing," said Stripling.

"A lot of players were out there trying to impress Georgia, so they could get an offer. It was pretty intense and they were going at it hard."

"Even though I didn't compete, I got a lot of attention from the coaches. The first person I talked to when I got there was Mark Richt and he was just happy to see me. Coach Garner talked to me for a while too. He told me to watch the stuff that they do because that is what it is like at Georgia. The coaches really worked those guys out there."

"Georgia has always been at the top for me and they still are. I like them a lot, they are the home team, and I love the coaches there. I don't want to put it in any order right now, but Georgia is up there. I am also looking at Alabama, Florida, Clemson, Tennessee, and Florida State."

Profile: Henry Anderson

"I think I did good today, especially in the second session," said Anderson. "The first session I worked only at defensive end and the second one I rotated at end and offensive tackle."

"I won seven or eight of the battles in the second session and I only lost once. I think I did real good at end then and I think I did pretty good at tackle too."

"Coach Searels and Coach Fab (Jon Fabris) were really watching me and Coach Fab would critique me every rep, so I know he was watching me close."

"I did not get an offer from Georgia yet, but I think I proved myself to them today. At the end of the camp when a lot of prospects were going to watch a video at Sanford Stadium, I stayed back and talked to the coaches and Coach Fab told me he feels that I have a spot on their team. Whether it be on offense or defense, he told he felt I had a spot. He asked me to call him if I feel I am getting close to committing to another school so he can talk to me about it."

"I was kind of disappointed I did not get an offer today, but I understand. I gave it my best shot, they have offered a lot of defensive ends and offensive tackles too, so my interest is still high in them."

"I am just going to wait and see if they are going to offer. I think they are supposed to have a meeting with the coaches and decide that soon."

Profile: Michael Bennett

Dawg Post breaks the news that the Bulldogs offered this wideout out of Alpharetta, Ga. Saturday evening.

Full Read the full update HERE.

Profile: Mack Brown

"I took the ACT today, so I did not get over to Georgia until around 3:15pm," said Brown. "I hung out over there for about four hours and I spent a little over an hour of that time talking with Mark Richt."

"We talked about a lot of stuff and I like him a lot. He told me that he really wants me to be a Bulldog and that he was just glad to see me again."

"I also talked to Coach McClendon and we just joked around like we always do. He is a real cool coach and I watched him coach the running backs at the camp today. He wanted me to watch film after the camp, but I had to leave, so I will meet up with him and do that later."

"I hung out a lot with Ken Malcome at the camp and I have known him since the 6th grade. I know we are looking basically the same schools, so it would be cool to go the same school as him. We are close friends and we could compete and make each other better."

"I was planning to commit this summer, but I have pushed it back some. I have changed it up a little and I am probably going to commit now on homecoming in the middle of the season."

"It is still Georgia and Florida on top for me. I like Georgia a lot and I felt comfortable there again today. There coaching staff is stable, they are great guys, and I love the offense they run."

Profile: Deon Rogers

Georgia found a sleeper in Florida linebacker and they offered as soon as the Mark Richt camp came to a close.

Rogers is a 6-foot-2, 195 pound linebacker out of Treasure Coast in Port Saint Lucie, Fla. and he plays along side Jeff Luc.

Check out the official update on Rogers HERE.

Profile: Nick Marshall

"I was doing good during the first session, but then I hurt my thumb in the second session during mat drills," said Marshall. "We were doing mat drills and I put my hand down to change directions and my thumb got caught in the turf. I got it wrapped and sat out the rest of the day. It was my right thumb and I am quarterback, so I could not throw the ball anymore."

"I think I threw the deep ball real well the first part of the camp and I think I had a good day all around."

"Coach Bobo told me that he liked me and that he would be by the school to check on me during the first semester."

"I have some interest in Georgia, but I grew up liking Florida. I have always liked them, but Georgia is a school I am interested in too."

Profile: Bradley Roby

"In the first session I did really good at wide receiver, but I switched over to corner for the second part," said Roby.

"I think I did okay there, but I am just an athlete learning that position. I did better at wide receiver I think, but Coach Martinez really likes me at corner now."

"He talked to me after the camp and told me he couldn't offer me at this time, but I would be getting a call from him soon. He is going to talk to me about a possible offer. I think he will call me real soon."

"Coach Martinez is a real honest person, he told me everything straight up, and he taught me as much as he could today about technique at corner. I really like how he focues on teaching his players while at camp."

"My interest in Georgia is high and I hope I get that offer. It was nice to be around the coaches, I liked how they did their camp, and I think an offer is likely."

"Mark Richt probably stood out to me more than anything because of the person he is. He is laif back and just like what people have told me about him. He told me that he likes me, that I have a lot of skills, and talking to him was the best part of the day."

Profile: Brandon Terry

"The camp was fun, I think I did pretty well, and I know the coaches at Georgia like me," said Terry.

"I talked a good bit with Coach Ball during the camp and he really helped me out there. He really liked my long strides and speed for my size and he helped me improve my route running. He made them a lot more crisp and quicker."

"The best part of the camp was the competition. There was a lot of good corners out there and it was pretty intense. The competition was tough, I loved the one on ones, and I think I got better at this camp."

"I know Georgia is interested in me and I think they are closer to offering me than they were before the camp."

"They are number two on my list behind Florida right now. Georgia is close to home, they play in the SEC, they are always a good team, and if they offered, I would really look at them."

"I have 13 offers right now and I think Florida and Georgia could be close to offering me."

Profile: Watts Dantzler

"I was not able to compete or anything because of a small surgery I had on my right foot a couple of weeks ago, so I just watched the camp, talked to coaches throughout the day, and hung out."

"I learned some new drills that I can work on when I get back to full speed in July and I already know everything about Georgia, so I had a good time."

"I joked around with Coach Searels a lot too. We talked about basketball, football, O-line drills, and stuff like that, so that was cool. I also talked to Coach Richt some and a lot of the other coaches came up and talked to me throughout the camp. It was cool up there."

"Georgia is showing me attention, but Georgia Tech is probably showing me the most right now. They send me the most mail and I am hearing from Auburn and Maryland too."

"I have offers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina State, Clemson, Duke, and Vanderbilt."

"I am open to everyone right now. Anyone that wants to talk to me, then I want to talk to them. It is too early to have favorites right now."

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