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Do you think UGA made up ground with Malcome and/or Brown? Chad SimmonsUGA is in the lead for Malcome imo... Still think UF has a slight lead for Brown, but his coach says UGA is right there

will dunkley make a decision anytime soon?
Chad SimmonsDunkley told me he will likey make his decision during the season over the weekend... He has said after the season before, so it does not look like he will commit any time in the near future

our wide receiver corp is really looking good for the next couple of years, maybe the best ever
Chad SimmonsI think UGA takes 4 WRs in this class and it could be a good group

Chad SimmonsI will have an update on Charon Peake - the 2011 phenom out of SC later this evening also and he has UGA high on his list

I have heard about Malcome and Brown wanting to play together, but an early commit from Clements could really change that, even though I would be very excited to get him
Chad SimmonsI would not say "Malcome and Brown" WANT to play together, but I think that they would not scare each other away... They talked about that in the updates I posted Saturday night

are any other prospects close to an offer?
Chad SimmonsI think Brad Roby is one... Henry Anderson is one... Jayvon Wrentz is one also...

Chad, was curious about the 6'3 CB from Treasure Coast. How were his hips, cause it's pretty rare to see a CB that size.
Chad SimmonsHe did not practice 100% when I was down there earlier in the spring, but Keelin Smith is impressive on the few game clips I saw when there... I am not SURE he is all corner, but I did see enough athleticism with that size to know he is a legit ACC/SEC recruit. I like the 6-0 safety there better right now... He is Lamarcus Brutus. I feel UGA is closer to offering him than Keelin as of today, but both could get offers down the road

that wrentz kid came out of nowhere
Chad SimmonsYep, Wrentz only caught 12 balls last year, but he is a very good one... One I would have offered immediately at camp based off what I saw

<2dawgphan> Who does it look like are the primary DT targets in this class?
Chad SimmonsThe DT targets imo are Garrison Smith, Michael Thornton, Jeffrey Whitaker, and Dominique Easley at this time

2d, anyone in particular stepping up in pass skel this summer?
<2dawgphan> Charles & Wooten... M Brown is pretty raw and will need some time.

Rumors are that UGA leads for Cody Riggs Chad. What is your opinion on that?
Chad SimmonsI would not call UGA the leader for Riggs, but I think they are at the top with Florida... I posted that Sat night and I still feel that way

Chad, so do we pull Benedict out of Florida, or does UF land him? He is a huge part of this class for us since we lost James.
Chad SimmonsI give UGA the edge for Benedict right now

How is Aron doing? Getting bigger?
<2dawgphan> 240 right now

Chad SimmonsA kid to watch that I feel UGA wants BADLY is Michael Thornton out of Stephenson... I am going to watch him work out this week andI heard a big buzz about him when I was in Athens last week

Chad, anything new on the kid from Hollywood hills, Grimes?
Chad SimmonsNothing new on Grimes... He told me he is nowhere close to naming a favorite, but there is no doubt UM and UGA are at the top right now

chad what is the timetable on decisions for the sw dekalb kids?
Chad SimmonsCoach Godfrey at SWD asks his kids to wait until mid season to commit, but I know Jonathan Mincy talked to him about committed soon, so that could change... Malcome told me he is not going to make the coach mad, so he is just going to wait. He wanted to commit early at one time.

Do you think Tank sessions is offered by uga chad?
Chad SimmonsAs of right now, I would say no to Tank Sessions offer, but we will see

chad any newson mincy and a uga offer?
Chad SimmonsUGA did not offer Mincy and I don't think it matters right now... Auburn is close to landing him.

Dean, how is Ben Jones doing? Getting stronger?
Ben looked fine the last time I saw him, which was in early May. I don't think Ben is a kid y'all need to worry about... he will be fine

Chad is there a reason besides depth Tank doesn't get an offer?
Chad SimmonsIMO UGA likes others better and rightfully so... He just has to get tougher and become a football player... Athletically he is gifted, but he has never wowed me on the football field.

Chad SimmonsMy top 100 in GA comes out next Monday... My top 100 in FLA comes out today at noon and one state a day in my region this week.

Chad- whats your feeling on Alec Olgetree?
Chad SimmonsI think Tree likes UGA a lot... I would not be surprised if UGA is on top in his mind right now.

Is Luc just being polite, or do we have a legit shot at him?
Chad SimmonsI think a little of both, but I still think the odds of him leaving Florida are slim

Tank's always had split attention though Chad. He could really explode once he focuses on football 100%
Chad SimmonsBegger - I am not covinced of that. Maybe, maybe not... Either you have IT or not and I have not seen IT when he has the pads on

Chad was Deon Rogers a (what I call) charity offer to lure Luc?
Chad SimmonsDefinitely not... Rogers ia an athlete UGA has liked for some time... I talked about Rogers and really praised Rogers about 5 weeks ago when I got back from South Fla. The kid is a player and he will get more big offers this fall or summer depending on where he camps at.

Chad what do you think the odds are of dunkley leaving the state of Florida?
Chad SimmonsI would say the odds of Dunk leaving FLA right now are around 35-40 percent...

Chad, how does Luc compare to BJ Butler?
Chad SimmonsLuc is a LB and Butler is a DE... Both excel in different areas, so not a lot of comparisons other than being good athletes and good fotball players...

Dean how are Sturdivant and VAnce coming along? I read the reports but if the season were to start today how far off would they be?
Dean_Legge Sturdivant should be fine by the fall... He will start. I have stopped paying attention to the saga that is Vince Vance.

will you have an update on dunkley in the next few days?
Chad SimmonsMaybe... He is in Athens and he will be in Athens the next few days, so we will see... Not going to bother him until he is ready to talk... I can kind of tell you he is going to say he loved it up there and UGA is definitely a school he is considering... He will not say too much

Chad, is our recruiting effort/success in Florida surpassing that of Georgia?
Chad SimmonsNot close elovely... UGA has much more succes with top players in GA than FLA

Dean, how is Quintin B. feeling?
Dean_Legge Banks is healthy from what I know. They need some help from him this fall

Is Cordy Glenn or Bean demanding the other starting spots Dean?
Dean_Legge No. The starting group on the OL will be Jones, Sturdivant, Glenn, Boling and Davis.

Chad/Dean/Ryan....how many schollies do we have for '10? thanks...
Chad SimmonsI expect UGA to sign a similar number in 2010 as 2009, so around 18-20
Dean_Legge Right now the number is at 15...

Dean, Compare Aron White and Orson Charles. What difference can they bring to the offense?
Dean_Legge Orson Charles has already had a great summer. He burned up of at the last pass skelly. I think White brings stability. Orson can do some things other guys can't

<2dawgphan> Dean can confirm - but I think in a prefect world SS would like to have Cordy at OT and CLint as a pulling G but they don't quite trust that setup...yet
Dean_Legge No question. Boling is a guard that can play each position.

Is Jonathan Owens ready to contribute?
Dean_Legge He was not ready last year. I think he still needs some time...

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