July 1, 2009: Dawg Post Chat Recap

Take a look at a very quick recap of the Dawg Post Chat from Wednesday July 1, 2009.

Dean have you heard any talk about Samuel moving to LBer?
Dean Legge:I have heard some scuttlebutt about that, but nothing substantial...

is Spencer Boyd still on the UGA radar?
Chad Simmons:Yes, Boyd is on the radar, but I don't think they are pushing for his commitment RIGHT NOW...

isn't boyd visiting this weekend?
Chad Simmons: Nobody is visiting UGA this weekend, it is the 4th of July... Boyd does not know when he is visiting... It is all about when his parents can

chad, are you of the opinion that luc will likely choose someone other than uga?
Chad Simmons:Yes suwanee... I have always felt Luc would stay in state

did y'all hear that lame kitten offered eric berry's brother, a rising 9th grader?
Chad Simmons:Smart move by Kiffin suwanee... Elliot and Evan are unbelievable talents... Garner has called about them already too fwiw

Chad, assuming UGA can pull Smith, Hamilton, Stripling and Brown how much more room do you think they have and what other guys are they in good shape with?
Chad Simmons: UGA is still in decent/good shape with guys like Telvin Smith, Neiron Ball, Antonio Goodwin, Michael Thornton, Jeffrey Whitaker, Riggs, Grimes, Rodgers, Morant, and a few more...

Southwest DeKalb's Stripling is still high on Georgia's list.

Chad, Dunkley on that list?
Chad Simmons: Dunkley is on there... I still like Florida's chances with him though and FSU just increased their chances by getting Merril Noel and DeJoshua Johnson

Chad,any chance Clements commits before Brown?
Chad Simmons:No Xenu, I do not see Clements committing any time soon

Chad/Dean...yins guys looked absolutely flabbergasted over OgletreeDawg. Was funny to see the interviews.
Dean Legge:The ogletree stuff was crazy.

chad as of right now who is ur #1 player in state next yr
Chad Simmons: Probably Isaiah Crowell #1 for me in GA right now for 2011 xclass... Jay Rome is a special one also.

Chad, right now, I would say Georgia leads Florida for Mack Brown, 75% chance UGA, 25% UF, am I far off?
Chad Simmons: I would not say that personally about UGA's chances with Brown Xenu... VERY close right now

Chad with this class shaping up the way it is as of late... would you say Tai-ler Jones and Blake Simms are rethinking some things?
Dean Legge:I think Georgia is taking a pass on Jones at this time
Chad Simmons: I don't think UGA is after Jones much at this time... Sims has always had Georgia on his mind, so nothing really new there... If UGA wants him, then I think Sims could end up a Bulldog when all is said and done

Chad do you think that Ogletree and Malcom will be a big part in pulling down the rest of the top guys in Georgia. Such as Mack, Garrison , and TJ?
Chad Simmons: Tree and Malcome are definitely trying... Malcome will have a big affect on Strip IMO and Tree is working Garrison hard now... I think all UGA guys are working on Brown

Newnan's Alec Ogletree was still the topic of conversation.

speaking of which, Zander.....walkon?
Dean Legge:I think he will walk on if nothing better comes along

Chad, do you still think we lead and have a good chance of getting a commitment from Spencer Boyd?
Chad Simmons: We will see on Boyd - imo, UGA may have him on hold right now... they are not pursuing him or pushing for him to visit at this time I am told

Dean, how do you like UGA's chances with Vaughters?
Dean Legge:James, IMO, will take a very hard look at Georgia. I can't say where he is going, but my guess is that Georgia will be one of the top teams for him - probably Georgia, Florida and Ohio State.

chad what are your thoughts on Dunkley
Chad Simmons:I feel Dunkley goes to UF right now if I had to pick a school... UGA in top three though with UF and FSU

chad, what about neiron ball? what's your feel on him
Chad Simmons: I would say Ball is leaning towards UF a little right now, but he seems pretty open

Any chance Orson Charles starts the first game?
Dean Legge: I would not put it past him. He's a star IMO

1,0dean will all our 2009 signees be in school for the second summer semester?
Dean Legge: I am not sure Al. I am not sure. I will check

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