July 9, 2009: What We Are Hearing

ATHENS – Dean Legge gives you some inside scoop in this edition of What we are hearing.

If you had to guess whom the fastest player in Georgia's program is whom would you guess? Brandon Boykin? Branden Smith? Zach Mettenberger? (Only kidding Zach...)

How about A.J. Green and his 4.28 40-yard dash time from testing in Athens earlier this week? Green, who like the rest of the players in the program ran three times, actually ran at the 4.4 mark the other two times he tested. Still, Green's 4.28 should raise eyebrows. Green has actually put on weight since he arrived in the program – and he's getting faster. I have to say that this is due to the work A.J. has done. Give credit to Georgia's strength and conditioning if you like, but some players go above and beyond. Green is one of them. He deserves credit for that.

Green clocked in with a smoking 4.28

Green may have had the fasted overall time, but it was, and most folks likely guessed this, actually Branden Smith who had the fastest average time. I didn't get it, but if Green ran two 4.4s and a 4.28 that should mean Smith ran an average of at least 4.36 on his three runs. Think about that – 4.36. Fast.

Smith, however, is only one of the freshmen to make onlookers gawk. Rantavious Wooten, who most think of as "more quick" than "fast" (and there is a difference), actually ran a faster than expected time.

Still, I have to wonder the reason a program would run 40-yard dashes in the middle of the summer – or at any time, really. I am not sure how A.J. Green running a 40-yard dash helps Georgia win a game. Running it once, perhaps, but three times… I just start getting worried about hamstrings, but I write and don't do S&C, so what do I know?

Speaking of youngsters in the program – I have heard too often about Wooten, Smith, Artie Lynch and Orson Charles to think they will redshirt. I think Charles will start at some point this season. I also think Smith (who could only be an injury from starting full time) will likely get a start or two in a nickel or dime package… but we will see.

Lynch is being described as the full package tight end – a guy who can block, run routes and catch. Getting him and Charles, who is more of a hybrid-type player, is a real big coup for the Dawgs. Those two were arguably the top two tight ends on the East coast, and they will be slipping on Silver Britches in the fall. With that said, I have been told that Bruce Figgins will, in fact, redshirt for sure this season.

When the Music Stops

On the recruiting front – I can't help but look at the commitment list and think of the fact that someone is going to get left out of the mix; this is simply a numbers game. As a result of Brandon Burrows' commitment to Georgia, I expect the Dawgs to be near full by the time fall camp kicks off in early August. I don't know that to be true, but I have heard too much noise to know different. There are only so many spots to go around – and too many guys are eager not to get left without a chair when the music stops.

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