July 13, 2009: What We Are Hearing

ATHENS – Dean Legge gives you some inside scoop in this edition of What we are hearing.

Tying A.J.

With everyone still buzzing over wide receiver A.J. Green's amazing 4.28 40-yard dash last week, a couple of things got lost in the shuffle. More than anything else cornerback Vance Cuff, who had the exact same time as Green, was overlooked by me.

I should add a bit of clarification to Green's (and Cuff's) time. Both ran that time only once. Like is said last week, players ran three 40-yard dashes, and former Washington start Branden Smith had the fastest overall time – as I understand it. Green's smoking time was one the fastest watch during the running. After he ran, no matter if it was a "real deal" 4.28 or not, a lot of folks were eager to run in that line. It did not disappoint. That line proved to be the fastest line.

What will get lost or dismissed in all of this is that Green, who has also added weight, seems fully recovered from a hamstring, which held him back speed-wise last season. Also, and this happens all of the time, you can rest assured that there are going to be some folks out there who say Green (and any other player at Georgia) could not run a 4.28. Fine. I will give you that. I will also give you that Branden Smith did not run a real-deal 4.19 at the Georgia Dome. Fine. The point is, really, anything 4.4 for A.J. Green is really moving. Not many guys have that sort of speed – let alone that speed combined with his talent. Expect huge things from Green in 2009 more so because he seems healthy than anything else.

Waiting Too Long?

I wrote about what is happening at Georgia with regards to recruiting about a month ago. Georgia, I have heard through the grapevine, is going to be very particular with players they take commitments from here on out. That's not to say the Dawgs just take any commitment from prospects now, but it is clear to me, having heard what I have been told, that at least two players who Georgia likely would have taken in May they may not be able to take at this moment – Kacy Rodgers and Nerion Ball.

The plan seems quite clear at defensive end – Georgia already has the commitment of Walton's Brandon Burrows, Dalton's Jalen Fields and Osceola's (FL) B.J. Butler. They still also covet Southwest DeKalb's T.J. Stripling and might also be hard after Manning's (SC) Dexter Morant. It seems to me Stripling is the top target, and that Georgia is narrowing in on him. Sticking with Ball, even if he plays OLB, as Scout.com has him listed, the Dawgs already have two commits at that spot.

I am sure Georgia would love to win Johnavon Fulton over Alabama, but that seems a stretch. Cody Riggs, a Florida native, is certainly still on the radar, and Georgia is in the mix for him for sure. Still cornerback is a position of need. I think Georgia still needs one more corner… keep your eye on this spot. The numbers game can be a painful one to watch happen to prospects, but offers are offers, and if guys really want to go to Georgia they need to understand Georgia's process and how they are not eager (most times) to sit around and wait.

Dual Threat?

Speaking of defensive backs, don't be surprised if the Dawgs' newest commit, GMC's Jakar Hamilton, gets a look or two at wide receiver when he gets to Athens. Make no mistake about it – Hamilton is a safety – but he does have tremendous ball skills. He may get a look on the offensive side of the ball in special situations. Georgia, like most other schools, only has so many playmakers to go around. Guys like Smith and Hamilton may just be used on offense considering Georgia's situation at receiver.

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