GMC Coach: Hamilton Special's Chad Simmons spoke with GMC head coach Bert Williams about Georgia commit Jakar Hamilton.

Chad Simmons: What is Georgia getting in Jakar Hamilton?

Burt Williams: They are getting a total young man – not just a player. He does everything you want as a safety. He is very smart out there. He has done a great job making sure our guys are alighted and everything is checked. He is outstanding as a tackler – very physical and misses very few tackles. He is also excellent in coverage. He lead our team in interceptions last year. Jakar has exceptional speed and can get to the ball. The other thing he brings to the table is that he is a great young man. He has done a good job in the classroom and an even better job in our community here. All of our guys are cadets, and Jakar has taken that part of the GMC challenge to heart. He has earned a very high rank in our corp. He does what he is supposed to do in an exemplary way day in and day out. I think Georgia is going to get a guy the whole school will be proud of.

Simmons: Did you know right away that he was going to be this type of guy – this type of football player for you? When did you first start to recognize that?

Williams: Jakar, clearly he had athletic ability coming in. He showed a lot of good things on his high school film when we were recruiting him. To know that he was going to take to it and do as well as he has done… I wish I guarantee to you that I knew that from day one. I knew that he had a very good work ethic. I knew that he had very good skills to work with – the attitude and metal focus – those are things that are hard to determine, but those are things he brings to work over here every day. As far as his skills and his work ethic together there was no question that he had a chance to be a great one.

Simmons: You have coached some very good ones down there at GMC – how does he stack up? Do you see him going past Georgia and have the chance to be the next guy from GMC to go to the NFL?

Williams: That's a tough question. There are a lot of things that have to happen over the next two years. The best of the best, from an athletic standpoint, get those opportunities. I think you could say that Jakar is a guy who would have a very good chance for that to be a possible outcome for him. He is going to do well and be productive. He has to stay healthy. The thing I feel good about Jakar is that I know that he is going to prepare himself for any eventuality. He is going to be good to go when his time at Georgia is done no matter if that means the NFL or running a business. He is a very capable and motivated young man.

Simmons: I heard about him becoming a big leader for y'all – from off the field to on it. Talk about his natural leadership skills and how guys tend to follow his lead.

Williams: It is always following the lead of the guy making the big plays. The proof is when he is making the right decisions off the field. When you are out in the community he can turn away from temptation. When he needs to study instead of having fun; when it is workout time someone has to step forward when they are dog tired and get everyone to not just finish the drill, but to excel as they finish the drill – and he is one of those guys.

Simmons: How excited should these Bulldog fans be? They have seen the film, and they have heard us talk about him, but how happy should they be to have him for the next two to three years?

Williams: They should be very happy and excited. In my mind this is the type of guy you want to have in your program. You want your school to sign this guy. He is not just a great player, but a great individual. He is going to come in there and make you proud that he's playing for your team. I have all of the faith in the world that he will do everything in his power, and do it the right way, to help Georgia get to where they want to be. Jakar is a very trusting young man. He is a guy who I think is going to help the fans and the team get to where they want to be starting next January, but he has work to do here and GMC for us to go where we want to go, too.

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