2009 Dawg Night: The Run Down

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There was no bigger star on the night than Ace Sanders, a talented playmaker from Manatee (FL) on the south side of Tampa Bay. Time after time Sanders proved that he was the top playmaker with impressive catches. It had several current players, including Mike Moore and A.J. Green making a lot of noise.

The question with a player like Sanders is if Georgia would use him enough in the slot to offer in a scholarship. His highlight tape was, well, not as impressive as he played tonight – that is certain. That means, to me, there is some incomplete data on Sanders. Where in the world did this performance come from? I am here to tell you that it was one of the better ones I have seen at a camp. So if this kid is that good why are his offers from mid-level Big Ten schools and West Virginia. Published reports have Sanders going to Florida's Friday Night Lights, but the Gators have not offered him, and I have a hard time thinking they would take him considering their numbers.

Again, the show he put on was impressive. No question.

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His teammate Manatee (FL) quarterback Brion Carnes, who is committed to South Florida, also had a solid outing. He was one of the top passers at the camp. The other was Carver (Columbus) signal caller Devin Burns. Both had good nights. The question is if Georgia is going to take a quarterback in this class – which of those two would they take? Both are considered three-star quarterbacks, and it, truthfully, was sort of difficult to tell the difference between the two as I was watching all over the place tonight.


The Dawgs had a slew of committed players on hand for this year's Dawg Night. Brent Benedict, Jalen Fields, Kolton Houston, Demetre Baker and Derek Owens all participate in Dawg Night. Jakar Hamilton, Alec Ogletree, Ken Malcome and Dexter Morant all were there, but watched. I heard rave reviews on Owens. I didn't watch the corners, so much, but I was made aware that Georgia got a good one in him.

I did watch the offensive line for some time. With two commits participating it was the best spot to be in my view. I am still not certain if Brent Benedict is a full-blow tackle, but that's me. He lined up there and did well there the entire night. He's strong… man is he strong. You really need to que up the video once it gets loaded and watch the shot he gives to the defensive end in one particular drill. He just hammers the poor kid sidewise – it was a sight.

Kolton Houston… I did not recognize him. He's gotten bigger for sure, and he has shaved is head. Houston was running with the number one group, which really only had three kids as far as I could tell. He did well to beat Benedict in one-on-one speed drills, and I thought he looked fine in one-on-one drills with the defensive line. Houston is a little taller than I thought (or remember). He has really filled out. I am eager to see him in pads soon.

Jalen Fields, and this is the truth, was really not in a fair fight tonight with some of the offensive tackles he was going up against. If he went against Benedict I missed it. I would have loved to have seen that one. Dude has a really big body that is ready to pound on flesh.

Alec Ogletree and Jakar Hamilton rolled into Sanford Stadium as a pair about five minutes into the event. The pretty much hung out together most of the time, and mingled with Green, Moore and the rest of the players who were there. That duo already appears to be forming a bond. I didn't see Morant a ton, but I did see Ken Malcome hanging out by Coach Richt at times during the camp.


Tucker's defensive end freak James Vaughters was there – rocking a white tee shirt and some Tucker shorts. Allegedly, as good as Vaughters is cornerback Chris Sanders is just as good as Vaughters… if not better. Now that's saying something because Vaughters can roll. Sanders participated, but Vaughters, who has an offer, did not participate.

Wesleyan center David Andrews didn't lose any one-on-one fights. I would keep an eye on him as a possible late offer for a 2011 kid. Then again, he's done well. He was All-Camp at the Scout.com Camp earlier this year.

The offensive lineman to keep tabs on for sure is 2011 OT Shaq Anthony. He plays for Wren (SC) in the upstate, and was an honor student his ninth grade year . He had a heck of a camp at the Mark Richt Camp earlier this summer, but I didn't know his name. I just knew that he was "Shaq from South Carolina". Thanks – there are only 4 million people in the Palmetto State. Still, the prospect is long. I think he's a natural offensive tackle. He is a prospect to keep an eye on. Georgia has done well with players from South Carolina. He has been to Athens twice before his junior season at Wren… read between the lines.

You cannot help but notice the shear talent at Columbus' Carver. How is that school not going to win the State Title? It is not just that they have arguably the top running back in the state, but also the talent on the defensive line is evident. Running back Isaiah Crowell leads the talent parade at Carver, but I wonder who is more talented – Crowell or defensive lineman Gabe Wright. Wright was a monster. He was the first person in line every time I looked up, and more that held his own in one-on-one drills. Wright is a big deal. I like athletic kids who are big… Wright is in that boat.

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