2009 Media Days: Legge's Look at Alabama

BIRMINGHAM – Here's a look at the day Alabama Head Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide had at the SEC's annual Media Day event.

Last season: 12-2
Series Record: Alabama leads 36-25-4

Last Year: Alabama takes a whipping stick out and whollops the Dawgs and the notion that dressing in a color different than usual makes a difference.

Georgia's failed Blackout of Bama in 2008.

Most memorable Georgia win: 1964 Flea-flicker
Most memorable Georgia loss: 2008 Bama pounds Georgia's Blackout

2009's Big Question: Nick Saban and the Tide had one memorable season, but they enter 2009 on a two-game losing streak. What happens if they fall to Virginia Tech in the opener?

Recruiting Implications: Becoming very important. Nick Saban has identified Atlanta as a place he wants to be for recruiting – a smart move. Talent overflows in the metro area, and Alabama is not that far away. Georgia can't sign every single kid in the Atlanta area… even if they wanted to they would have to wrestle top players from the Peach State capital away from the usual suspects: Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee and Georgia Tech. Adding Alabama to that mix makes things just that much more difficult for the Dawgs. Georgia has always been able to pick a player or two from its neighbor to the west, but that's never really been the program's recruiting focus. Both programs have to stay near the top of the SEC if they want to be relevant in Atlanta recruiting (actually that may be even more important for the Tide as it specifically relates to recruiting in Atlanta) Still, recruiting is a zero-sum game: for every winner there is a loser. My guess is that if Alabama is up in the Atlanta area, then Auburn will be down. Time will tell. The Bulldogs are not pumped up about Alabama playing their season openers in the Georgia Dome.

Legge's must-win game: Virginia Tech at the Georgia Dome

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