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chad aren't the coaches mainly looking for 2011 kids now?
ChadSimmons Sure Low... They have been on a NUMBER of 2011 kids for at least a year now... Once they identify the bulk of the current class, they move on to evaluate the next one.

Dean have you heard what players are impressing in summer workouts?
Dean Legge Orson Charles is impressing for sure as is Wooten and Branden Smith

Is Branden Smith playing any WR?
Dean Legge He will

Chad, where do we stand with Thornton?
ChadSimmons UGA is in the top 3-5 for Thornton IMO... Auburn may be the team to beat TODAY...

With his performance at FNL, will UGA pick up its recruiting for S. Perry at all?
ChadSimmons I highly doubt UGA offers Perry... He just does not have it football wise... track yes, football no... at least he has not shown it...

Chad, I saw that Riggs moved UF to the top of his list. Where do we currently stand with him?
ChadSimmons UGA is still in it for Riggs and IMO it does not matter who is on top for him because he will take his five official visits. The school wants to be on top in the end not so much now.

Chad....Marlon Brown or Darrick Rogers?
ChadSimmons Da' Rick Rogers is one of the best athletes I have seen, but I like Brown a lot too

Is it possible UGA might recruit Latwan Anderson at safety...with the idea that Commings and Pugh will provide depth at CB?
ChadSimmons No, UGA will not take another safety... If they take Anderson (which I doubt), he would go as a corner...

chad, do you think uga will get into mix w/ easly? ths?
ChadSimmons No, UGA offered, but he did not give them a real look DawgrulzY3

Chad, do you see UTK finishing strong this year like last, or is their recruiting performance going to be a disappointment this year?
ChadSimmons As long as Tennessee does not fall flat on their face this season or get in major trouble, then they will be a FORCE in recruiting with their staff

Hey Dean - if you had to rank our DE's in terms of what their final 2010 stats what would your order be?
Dean Legge Good question on DEs. I think Houston will have the best year in terms of numbers. I like Battle and Dobbs. After that its a little about potential and fufilling it... we will see after those three

Chad, what do you make of Fulton's change of heart about Alabama. Do we have a shot now?
ChadSimmons No, I do not think UGA has a real shot with Fulton... SC is the in-state team, so you can't ever bet against them

Dean do you have any freshman numbers?
Dean Legge No. Sorry. I will have them soon enough. I think Branden is #1 and Orson is #7

what ever happened to Ball and Washington, thought they were suppose to be manchilds at DE?
Dean Legge Ball and Washington need time, like everyone else, to develop. The band is playing now... the time is now

Chad...M. lattimore seams to be all over the map....Any chance he gives us another look before Feb since we seemed to be so high on us a one point.
ChadSimmons No, UGA is out for Lattimore... I still think South Carolina gets him right now with FSU second

Dean - how do you think our secondary will do this year with so many young guys coming in?
Dean Legge Georgia's secondary is going to have some serious talent back there. They are going to miss Asher because he would come up and make a tackle, so that they need. I think they are going to be pretty decent back there.

how is Harmon coming along?
Dean Legge Harmon is coming along fine. Nothing crazy there. He's still learning. AJ is always going to struggle with his size, and I think that's still somehting he has to think about and fight. I saw him not that long ago, and he looked good. Cracking that rotation in his first playing year is going to be hard

agree Dean, I think Bryan Evans is going to be a player at S
Dean Legge Yeah. I don't think Evans should be discounted. He looked good back there at S and should be fine this season. He's better there than at CB IMO

How is D. Tyson coming along?
Dean Legge Tyson is a monster. IMO he is going to live up to the recruiting hype probably sooner rather than later

Dean, do you think Dontavious will make an impact this year?
Dean Legge I am not sure what to make of DJAX, but I did hear some positives about him not too long ago. I think this has become Caleb's show... which is a good thing

what do you think of sanders commings dean safety or corner?
Dean Legge On Sanders I think he sitting at CB right now. Dude is a pretty well put together CB

Dean - what are you thoughts on our linebackers outside of Rennie?
Dean Legge The LBs outside of Rennie need to step up and be consistent. They don't have to be All-SEC... just consistent. The skill is there... the competition will be there, too. The are going to have those younger guys in fights for starting jobs a year later

Dean or Chad, the Lemay kid out of Western NC; do you think UGA is the front runner with him?
ChadSimmons UGA is not the frontrunner for LeMay... IMO UF and FSU are top at this time IMO

How is Nick Williams looking Dean I heard he was the best LBer in the spring?
Dean Legge Nick is a player I have always liked. He can just plain play, which means he makes plays. I am not sure if he is sound fundamentally (I say that because I really haven't paid enough attention), but he makes plays. Guys who make plays play.

Are we creating a new package for Orson Charles....TE or WR?
Dean Legge Orason will likely get packages for him... yes

Who will be our starting T-END this season, OC or AW?
Dean Legge White will probably start at TE, but Orson is going to start a game somewhere on the field this season... might not be TE. TE is not a position to be concerned with for about the next four years

dean...prediction -- what's our record this year?
Dean Legge 9 or 10 wins

Dean, you hearing anything about how Jonathan Owens is developing?
Dean Legge Nope

Dean do you see Artie Lynch getting major PT?
Dean Legge Artie could play for sure - hard to know. My guess is that he will play ST, and that will burn the RS

Dean, are you hearing that we might see Logan or someone else in some version of the wildcat?
Dean Legge Yes, I think Logan is going to get out there and run around a little. Not sure how or what, but it is going to happen IMO

who does crowell or bray remind you of?
ChadSimmons Crowell is more of a true inside/outside RB while Bray is more of a scatback type... I am not good with comparisons because I never really like to, but Crowell could be that Fred Taylor/Garrison Heart type back and Bray is more in the mold of a Kenny Irons with a little less power.

Does anbody out of the 08 class that red shirted last year, look like they may surprise some folks this year?
Dean Legge On this year's RS Fr... Rambo, Commings, Carlton Thomas for sure

Dean do you see Braden Smith and Rantavious Wooten getting big playing time as returners this year?
Dean Legge Yes. I think Wooten or Smith will be invovled in the return game. It would be stupid not to throw them back there and see what happens.

Chad, what's you take on Watts Dantzler's strengths and weaknesses?
ChadSimmons I love Dantzler's work ethic... He has REALLY worked hard this off-season and he has become one of the top JR OLs in GA... He has good smarts, good length, and he really plays with good leverage for a guy that size... His biggest weakness is his footwork, but that has improved. He needs to move better, slide better, and just become more athletic all around.

Chad or Dean how important is another good DB for this class ?
Dean Legge CB is a position of need for Georgia, so it is important

have you heard anything new on derek owens?
Dean Legge On Owens - Georgia got a little bit of an under-the-radar steal on that one. He's pretty good

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