2009 Pure Camp: Jeff Owens

ATHENS – Senior defensive tackle Jeff Owens has seen his fair share of craziness during his fall camps at Georgia. Dean Legge talks with him in a Dawg Post feature called Pure Camp, which describes the subtleties of being a Bulldog during the heat of August practices.

Dean Legge: When did you realize that you were at fall camp the first time?

Jeff Owens: I think I knew I was at fall camp the moment my parents dropped me off the first day at Georgia.

Legge: Tell me about that first drill you remember…

Owens: The first drill for me was a pass-rushing drill. I was going up against Fernando Velasco one-on-one. I remember that I beat him on that drill, and it was such a rush. The next drill was against Fernando again, and that time it was a draw.

Legge: What is the big deal with fall camp?

Owens: Fall camp is vital. It is an important for our team to bond, and that's what happens during fall camp.

Legge: What exactly do y'all do during fall camp?

Owens: Film… practice… film… practice – there is not much else to do.

Legge: So what is fun about fall camp?

Owens: Nothing. There is nothing fun about fall camp. You are grinding every day.

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