2009 Fall Camp: Opinion and Observations

ATHENS – Dean Legge's opinions and observations from Georgia's fall camp.

1. I think the story of fall camp so far, as it relates to newcomers, is Orson Charles. I have seen too many practices through the years not to know that the Dawgs plan on using Charles early and often. While it is impossible for me know exactly how they are going to use Charles, it seems obvious to me that two-tight end sets are going to be very common. I think it will be interesting to see how Georgia uses Charles – my guess is that he will be put in motion a lot. I am sure they will also split him outside to cause serious matchup problems for other programs. Obviously Charles is going to get a lot of attention this fall – I think it is justified.

2. I am not certain defensive end is going to be as big a problem as people might think. I was really impressed by Montez Robinson yesterday. He did quite well in one-on-one drills, but they were against the second team unit, and the defensive end should win that battle more often than not. I don't think Robinson is going to start, but physically he's capable of playing in the SEC right now. Also, Cornelius Washington, who needed a year to get used to college ball, looked pretty good, too. Justin Houston may be out the first two games of the season, but a finally-healthy Rod Battle and Demarcus Dobbs will be a steady starting pair for those two games. Defensive end may not be the top position at Georgia, but I don't think it is going to be nearly the liability it once was.

3. The offensive line is not going to have problems unless injuries start happening again. Clint Boling and Trinton Strudivant are a heck of a pair at the tackle spots – I am not sure they will be giving up that many sacks this season. Cordy Glenn, Ben Jones and Vince Vance, who form the interior of the line, are solid, but not quite as spectacular as the tackles. Jones, in my view, is probably the third best lineman out there. He is just so low to the ground – it makes a big difference. I have not seen him get beaten this fall in one-on-ones, but I have not watched him every snap of the way.

4. Vance Cuff was the starter at the nickelback spot, but Branden Smith has been getting a lot of action out there. I have not yet seen Smith on offense, but it is so early in August that it seems like that would be jumping the gun a little. Smith spent some of his first day lined up on A.J. Green, which is as good as it gets in the SEC, so he should be getting used to dealing with top-level receivers. Smith got in there much more than Jordan Love did on day one.

5. Georgia's linebackers are striving to be the best in the nation. I still think they have a fight to get there, but I will say that Darryl Gamble has looked impressive to me thus far. He made some plays in 2008 – no question – but he, like many, need to work on being more consistent. The talent level is there at the linebacker spot; at some point John Jancek needs to be given a little credit for recruiting and developing the talent he's got. Nick Williams, Marcus Dowtin and other young linebackers are going to get their chance to play more this season, and I think folks are going to see the speed of the linebacker increase even more as a group in the near future.

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