King to Miss Time with Hamstring

The story coming out of Georgia's first fall scrimmage Wednesday was supposed to be the first real semblance of a depth chart at running back.

But with Thursday's news, it only got more complicated — with only 23 days left until the Bulldogs kick off against Oklahoma State, redshirt sophomore Caleb King will miss time with a hamstring injury.

"Hamstrings are difficult to predict, but they're usually seven to 10 days," said head coach Mark Richt. "It just depends on how bad it is."

King, Georgia's No. 1 tailback, at least on paper, did not practice Thursday. He and Richard Samuel had been sharing duties with the No. 1 squad all fall, with King getting the snaps in spring camp while Samuel sat out following wrist surgery.

Now the roles have been reversed.

"Obviously Richard's going to work No. 1 right now," Richt said. "It's hard to compete if you're not out there.

"Luckily Caleb's been here long enough where he knows what to do. If he was a true freshman it would hurt him a lot. There's a lot of time out there still, and there's a lot of season too. So there will be plenty of time for Caleb."

King was not available for comment following Thursday's practice, and Richt wasn't getting into too many details. But with Samuel's big performance in Wednesday's scrimmage (five carries for 108 yards and two touchdowns, as well as a 70-yard reception for a score) compared to King's (five carries for 18 yards), Samuel may have the upper leg. For now.

"It's really just an opportunity for somebody else," said quarterback Joe Cox. "Caleb had been having a good camp. We're definitely disappointed that he got hurt. But somebody else has to step up. It's the same at every position. We've been pleased with everybody that's been in, and that's really all there is about that."

The shoe is on the other foot for Samuel. But he's not necessarily viewing it that way.

"I really don't think anything," he said. "He's hurt, we're going to still compete and we're going to continue doing what we're doing. Just keep on moving."

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